This post ought to be have been up since the first day of this month but my hosting company had other plans for me.. This is a story for another day

It’s been a while i posted here, life has been happening lately, i wouldn’t say it’s good nor bad but I thank God for peace of mind even though everything have been overwhelming lately.

Life lately

I would like to apologize for not posting here for a while now, it wasn’t intentional, i have been so busy that i hardly have time for myself, time to plan, time to come up with a blog post even my social media pages are suffering for it

I wouldn’t say i got everything figured out or everything is going as planned but it’s been Good so far and i know it will get better, so help me GOD

Life lately

Forgive me for just ranting here but i just want to let everything out because when i picked up my pen to write i didn’t have anything in mind to write.. I just felt the urge to let everything out maybe i will feel better and assure myself that i am not doing anything wrong or bad because the way i think nowadays even i don’t understand

I feel like there’s something missing somewhere and i tend to forget everything easily unlike before and i get easily distracted a lot even when i want to work or when I’m working.

Life Lately

One of the thing that distract me is my phone, once i pick it up to check or confirm something online when working, i just forget everything else and focus on my phone, even the TV set and it wasn’t like this before

Read how to buld your self esteem here

I wake up everyday promising myself to be productive for the day and i end up doing little or nothing at the end of the day all because of the internet, i had to give myself a day off the internet to get some work done, if not I won’t be able to do anything productive.

Life Lately

August wasn’t my best month because i know i didn’t do half of what i planned to do even when i tell myself mentally that i did my best, deep down i know i did nothing but amidst all i was able to get some work done

The only thing i can boldly say i did last month was work on my fashion brand and i haven’t done half of the things i ought to do, aside that i did nothing last month, I’m really ashamed of myself

ShopTheAduniKindly support my fashion brand when we finally go live but you can start by following my fashion brand page on Instagram @shop.theaduni__ and support me in every way you can

Working on my fashion brand last month made me realise starting a business here isn’t easy, it takes a lot if determination and courage, it isn’t for the feakle minded at all because there was a time i felt like putting everything behind and just forget anything like a fashion brand ever happened in my life but i can’t stop half way

Life Lately

I’m really scared of the step I’m about to take and there are a lot of what if’s going on in my head right now, I’m skeptical about this whole thing, i pray i don’t give up eventually tho, so help me GOD

We are in a new month already and have said a lot of things to myself even tho i believe resolutions are over rated but i promise myself to be more productive this month in everything i do, where one craft doesn’t affect the other

Life Lately

Which made me create content calendar for this month because i don’t use Content calendar before, i decided to create one for myself this month, it’s like my own personal timetable even tho my content calendar scares me, i feel like i won’t be able to do half of what i planned on doing.. Fingers crossed tho

It less than 4 months to the end of this year, don’t freak just be yourself and be good

Forgive my manners people
How do you deal with distractions?
How has life been treating you lately?

Outfit details
Palazzo pants @shop.theaduni__
Sneakers and shirt: my brother’s wardrobe

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  1. Hope I can also tell u about my life here…
    If so.. My life has been mostly on the downs lately like I’m losing my self and everyone and I hate the feeling I don’t know where I have gone or done wrong, I just can’t feel it anymore everyday I go to school I feel lots of people are now running away from me like they don’t talk to me no more and it’s like I’m not being noticed anymore maybe it’s me but I don’t just know… I just need help please

    1. Calm down dear.. Don’t over think everything, so you don’t get depressed..
      My question now is, did you offend anyone in anyway or speak ill of someone…
      Besides what if everything is just in your head… Just calm down and don’t over think things.. All is well dear

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