Let’s face it we all want to look good

We all want to look like a million dollar babe but our pocket can’t take it, don’t feel bad…

Do you know you can look good and slay effortlessly with thrift clothing

Today i would be sharing how i shop thrift clothing in Lagos and where i get themPlaces to go thrift shopping in Lego's and thrift shopping guide

New Waist bag for #1000 at Aswani Market


  • When going on a thrift shopping spree, don’t dress expensive, most especially when you are going for the first time and you are going alone
  • When you see something you like, don’t carry it on your face, don’t let the person selling know you like what you see, just give a plain/blank expression
  • When you go thrift shopping, you see those clothes they hang don’t move close to them if you don’t know how to bargain because if you do they will call an outrageous price for you
  • When you ask for the price of a cloth, cut the price into 2 immediately, the seller will give you a lesser price then you decide if you want it or not
  • When you go thrift shopping and you see something you really like and your money isn’t enough, don’t let the seller know just bargain to the money with you and if the person is still contemplating just give the person the money with you, the person will surely sell because those people don’t return money (let it be a reasonable amount tho)
  • The best time to go thrift shopping for me is either early in the morning or late in the evening because during those times clothes are super affordable. They wouldn’t want to go back with a lot of clothes in the evening and in the morning they are still sorting their goods and they haven’t fixed price yet
  • The more you buy, the lesser the price

Places to go thrift shopping in Lego's and thrift shopping guide

White long sleeve top for #200 at Yaba Market


  1. If the person selling calls a top for you #400 each.. Say ahh.. The person will probably tell you to pay #300 last price, then you’ll say #200, pretend you are going,¬† the person selling will agree after being reluctant for a while, the seller will call you back.. Then you pick 3 nice tops and pay #500, just make sure you have change
  2. When they call a jean trouser for you within the range of #1000-#2000, just smile and pretend to walk away, the person selling will cut the price, then you decide whether to pay 500 or 700 depending on the quality of the jean
Places to go thrift shopping in Lego's and thrift shopping guide
Bag for #200 at Ladipo Market

Aswani Market
Yaba Market
Mushin Market
Oshodi Market
Ikotun Market
Katangua(Super Market) along Abule egba road

Read about the Lekki Conservation Center HERE

These are the places i shop in Lagos but where i shop the most is the Aswani Market because it is the closest to my house.Places to go thrift shopping in Lego's and thrift shopping guide

Stiletto heels for #200 at Aswani Market

You can get tops from as low as #10, jeans skirt from as low as #30, you might get lucky as see what you like but i haven’t been lucky, i have never seen something i like and i know someone who bought a new top for #10 and she rocked it on her birthday..

It all depends on your luck

The least amount i have paid for a top is #30 and it was at Aswani Market, the least amount i have paid for a jean trouser is #500, while the least amount i have paid for a skirt is #500 and it was at Mushin Market

You can also get bags from as low as #100 even shoes that are of good quality. I have a small leather bag i bought  for #100 at Aswani Market, only God knows where those people buy their goods from..

Places to go thrift shopping in Lego's and thrift shopping guide

White Skirt for #500 at Mushin Market

Aswani Market is just like a normal market where you get everything at an affordable price unlike the normal markets, it is not only for thrift shopping and it is located along the mile 2 oshodi road they open only on Tuesdays

It’s that time of the year where you get new clothes at a thrifted price because it towards the end of the year, a lot of company are doing clearance sales, you get a new cloth exactly the price of a thrifted clothesPlaces to go thrift shopping in Lego's and thrift shopping guide

Mom/Boyfriend jean for #700 at ikotun Market

You can get a new jean with label on it for #500, a new bra for #200/300 and so on

This is how i thrift shop and look good effortlessly when i dress up

Do you thrift shop?
Where and how do you thrift shop?

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