It’s still my birth month guys, so technically my birthday is still on. But first, thank you all for the birthday wishes and words of encouragement on my last post, you all are the real MVP

I visited the Elegushi Private Beach to celebrate my birthday last Sunday with my family, it was an impromptu outing because i didn’t plan on going anywhere for my birthday

elegushi private beach

elegushi private beach

The truth is i don’t get excited about my birthday, it is just like a normal day to me. But this year was different.

The first Surprise i had was my brother surprising me with cake, i wasn’t at home a day to my birthday, got home late and i didn’t know there was a cake in the house

First time, my family was able to keep something from me.. I was surprised my sister didn’t say anything

elegushi private beach

I woke up to a cake thanks to my brother and my uncle surprised me with an outing because his daughter birthday is a day after mine, so we celebrated it on Sunday…Birthday is about to be Lit

elegushi private beach

elegushi private beach

We got to Elegushi Private Beach few minutes past 3 with the help of google map, even though google map got confused at some point when we got to elegushi.. Google map was telling us Signal Lost

Always ask people for direction not Google map all the time

elegushi private beach

elegushi private beach

We paid an entrance fee of #1000 per head excluding the children, parking fee of #200 if you come with a car. The parking fee depends on the car you drive

When we entered the beach, we settled down at a table we rented, i don’t know the price because it was my uncle and his friend that booked the table

After settling down for few minutes, we started our adventure by riding the horse, i was scared on the horse and i was screaming shamelessly

Riding of the horse is #1000 per head for kids and #1500 per head for adults and i think there’s a fee for snapping on the horse if you don’t want to ride

Secondly, we went to play close to the water, i was forming hard guy at first but when a big wave came and the water reached my knee, i was screaming and saying a silent prayer at the same time because i don’t know how to swim

Thirdly, my cousins rode on the rollercoaster which cost #500 per head and i guess it was fun because they were laughing happily on the swing

elegushi private beach

Finally, we sat down to eat and snap pictures. We were enjoying the breeze when we saw a dancing monkey dressed up in jersey.. I captured it on video

Mind you, there’s a fee of #100 per head to use the beach toilet.. I didn’t pay tho, i looked for an alternative

elegushi private beach

I really had fun at Elegushi Private Beach… Cheers to the next 365 days

Just because i love you guys, i filmed everything, watch video HERE

Outfit details
2 piece outfit: ShopTheAduni
Rattan Bag: A page on IG(can’t remember the name)
Hat: Thrifted
SunShade: My brother wardrobe

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