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I am Aduni, a fashion and lifestyle blogger.. A lover of Art, an aspiring fashion designer. An awesome girl who isn’t afraid to try new things content creator for @hubIslam.com.
I am the founder of @theaduni_clothing, a fashion brand providing unique quality clothing at affordable rates.

I am also a YouTube content creator.
I began my blogging journey in July 2017.
Blogging is fun for me. It’s a way of penning my thoughts while also expressing myself.
I was having some hard time in 2017 and this motivated me to start my blog.

I wanted to share my thoughts, find more people out there who were also having difficult time in their relationship and some other parts of their life… and in doing this I’ve built my audience.

I had people around me who were also going through difficulties in their relationships, so I initially started as a relationship blogger, sharing my thoughts and experience. In due time my love for fashion came into play and I moved into fashion blogging also.

I am a big fan of adventure and love trying out new things… More recently I added lifestyle blogging into my categories. My favorite motto is “Give it a try, it won’t hurt and if it does, it’s only going to be the first time”

Feel free to chat with me on all social media platforms @theaduni__ .
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