The answer is ‘’NO’’. No matter what, guys love independent ladies, no guy wants to have a liability in his life.
Well, I cannot speak for all guys, I honestly think this is a big misunderstanding. Most guys loves a strong, independent woman.
I think the misunderstanding comes from different interpretations of how an independent woman acts and carries herself. An independent woman has her own life and routine. A lady in a relationship should have more priorities than just her boyfriend.
This could be work, school, social life anything that allows her to be her own person and have a life away from her boyfriend. This is important not just because it gives the guy more time to be with his friends [though it helps], but because it allows both parties to focus and give all their attention to each other when they do spend time with one another.
Because if they are always together they will get tired of each other.
An independent lady is her own person, this works in a long time relationship. Being your own person means being wiling to stand up for yourself and have your own opinions.
Although, some ladies agree with their boyfriend because they don’t want to offend him and risk ’’scaring him away’’, BABYGIRL be comfortable to voice out your opinion you don’t have to live in his shadows
Being dependent means that a girl will not do something just because she thinks it will ‘’make him happy’’ or that she fears doing something out of what her partner will think.
The point is that someone who is their own person is more interesting. They engage and challenge us in a multitude of ways. Someone who can make their own decision makes and allows her partner to do so as well, which makes for a much more fulfilling relationship.
 An independent lady is strong and secure





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