All relationship problem stem from poor communication, according to ELAINE FANTLE SHIMBERG; author of blending families. You can’t communicate by checking your phone, watching TV, flipping through sport section.

Problem solving strategies;

             i.            Make an actual appointment with each other. If you are together put your cell phones on vibrate
                 ii.            If you can’t communicate without raising your voices, go to a public spot like the mall where you will be embarrassed if anyone saw u screaming
              iii.            Set up some rules, try not to interrupt until your partner is through speaking or ban phrases such as You always or You never
              iv.            Use body language to show you are listening. Don’t doodle, press your phone, look at your nails. Nod and let your partner know you are listening don’t make him/her feel rejected, let him/her know you listening
Communication matters a lot in a relationship no matter the distance, communication matters a lot.
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