Never be too available for someone, never be too submissive have your own secrets but talk to people and listen to people’s advice. People change when they meet new people or when they have a new habit.

Know the people you call your friends. It not everyone you talk to are your friends. Most of them are ”FRENEMIES” they just wanna know your next move, they wanna know about you ”BEWARE”

You can inadvertently outshine your master simply by being yourself. There are masters who are more insecure than others, monstrously insecure, you may naturally outshine them by your charm and grace
If you cannot help being charming and superior, you must learn to avid monsters/masters of vanity. Either that, or find a way to mute your good qualities when you with your master even your peer group.
Don’t act like you know it all, even if you do play dumb cos if you talk and give ideas all the time you won’t learn new things, people are gonna learn and cheat you but you won’t gain anything, you just gonna be their host and they gonna be parasites.
Play dumb a times to learn new things even if you been insulted, endure and you gonna be great. Trust me have gone through it and here i am
   ”BE COOL”
Never imagine or think because your master love you, you can do anything it might be a ploy, a deceit just to know your weak point, everything about you, never take your status with your master for granted and never let any favor you receive get to your head…..
Knowing the dangers of outshining your master, you can turn it to your favor. First you flatter and puff up your master. Flattering your master can be effective but it has limits, it is too direct, obvious and looks bad to others.
Discreet flattery is much more powerful if you are more intelligent than your master, make him appear more intelligent than you. Act naïve, make it look like you need his help, commit harmless mistakes that will not harm you in the long run but will give you the chance to ask for his help, make him the HERO this will boost his moral to help you .
                   ‘BE TRICKY IN A GOOD WAY” 
If your ideas are more creative than your masters, ascribe them to him in a public manner as possible. Make it clear that your advice is merely an echo of his advice
If you surpass your master in wit, it okay to play the role of court jester but do not make him appear cold and surly by comparison. Tone down your humor if necessary, make him feel like he’s in charge i.e he’s the dispenser of amusement and good cheer




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    December 16, 2018 Reply

    Thank you and am so happy i could help

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