1. You keep thinking about the person
2. You keep seeing the person picture in your mind
You keep asking your self am I in love or what this feeling
3. You go through your chats and read them all over again
4. You record your calls over the phone and listen to it all over again
5. You imagine you guys together I.e you create your own films and play them in your minds
6. You smile just hearing the person name
7. If you in a bad mood, once you hear the person voice you become happy for no reason
8. You always bring up the person when you talking with your friends
9. You take risks for the person
10. You get hurt when the person is hurt
11. You share the person pain
12. The person happiness is your happiness
13. You share in the person dream
14. You support the person in everything
15. You can’t stay mad at the person for long
16. You sacrifice everything for the person
17. You get jealous when the person pays attention to someone else
18. You can’t stay apart from the person for long
19. You feel shy around the person till you comfortable with him/her
20. You go out of your comfort zone to make the person happy





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