1. Never put too much trust in your friends, learn how to use your enemies
2. Be wary of friends ,they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former enemy and he will be more loyal than a friend, because he/she has more to prove. In fact, you have more to fear from friends than from enemies, if you have no enemies, find a way to make them
3. To have a good enemy, choose a friend. He knows where to strike
4. Everytime you go to a new place, make a hundred discontented person and one ingrate
5. Friendship and love blind Everyman to their interest
6. They(friends) forget the favours they have receive and imagined they have earned their success by their own merits
7. Nobody believes a friend can betray, be wary of people you call your friend
8. No pauper is a friend to the rich, no fool to the wise, no coward to the brave, it is two men of equal wealth and equal birth who contract
9. Friendship, relationship and marriage not a rich man and a pauper
10. Pick up a bee from kindness and learn the limitations of kindness
11. Men are more ready to repay an injury than a benefits, because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure
12. If you not careful of friends, you will find them chewing you up
13. Turn your enemies into your friends, while your firmer friends expect more favours and boils with jealousy, your former enemies expected nothing and they got everything
14. Do not destroy your enemies when you make them your friends
15. Friends will say they love your poetry, your music, envy your taste in clothes, maybe they mean it, maybe they don’t
16. Friends often agree on things to avoid arguments, they cover their unpleasant qualities so as not to offend each other, laugh extra heard at each others joke. Since honesty hardly strengthens friendship, you may never know how a friend truly feels
17. It is your act of kindness that unbalances everything



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  1. Monidipa Dutta
    April 11, 2018 Reply

    U have a point

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    December 16, 2018 Reply

    Thank you

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