Recently, have been learning few life lessons if I was told about this few years back I will just take it as mere talk.
One of the lessons I would share today is to choose happiness over everything no matter what you going through.
Been happy is not you having access to all the material things /money or have everything on a platter of gold.
Although, money is a necessity in life, but money doesn’t bring you happiness, joy or pleasure. I have been going through a tough time lately from raising money for data connection, my phone breaking down, my system giving me problem, having a lot to do, many expenses, many plans, where by everything is a plan for now( I hope) . When you feel like nothing is going well, everything and everyone is against you but I choose to be happy over everything no matter what life brings or throws at you.
Persistent, determination and consistency is key
Things may be tough right now but I know am gonna get through it.. OK enough of me sulking..
Fast forward to my photoshoot earlier today, even though I was slyed by my cousin and a friend so painful..
All cos of phone, my phone is coming soon.. You know I said earlier my phone crashed well told my friend he was gonna lend me his phone for my shoot he told me he was gonna give me but later slyed me even my cousin.. I know my phone will come soon hopefully and the weather wasn’t nice today at all.. Love rainy season tho but Nigeria bad roads are the problem
Today’s outfit
I was aiming for a colorful look, and what better way than to colour blog in flower prints. Flower prints is a sure way for a colourful glam
  Palazzo and top from @theaduni_clothing on Instagram 
And I decided to rock the palazzo pants in two ways
The round neck from @grillo_clothing on Instagram
What are your thoughts?





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