•  I love food, but don’t eat much(weird right)
  •  I play a lot
  • Love disturbing people (looking for trouble / teasing)
  • I get angry easily
  • I can keep malice for the world (it’s a bad habit u really wanna stop)
  • I get irritated easily
  • I love anything fashion especially shoes and bags, I prefer using my money to buy shoes and bag instead of food


  •  I have zero knowledge and experience when it comes to playing especially mobile games which explains why I don’t have any on my phone
  •  I can talk for Africa
  • I love listening to music, it soothes my spirit and I know 99.9% of the song on my phone by heart but have got a bad voice if u hear me sing… You will run for your life #smiles
  • I love meat
  • I love watching cartoons
  •  I love reading novels
  •  I don’t know how to check on people(call) it’s a bad habit I really wanna stop
  •  If it ain’t little mix or Tatiana (foreign artist)  and if it ain’t simi or adekunle gold (Nigeria artist) please swerve
  • I love sleeping
  • I live in imaginations that why u see me smiling always
  •  I love taking pictures but don’t know how to pose.. Who will teach me please #sad

  •  I’m a good matchmaker #winks
  • I make friends easily but if you start misbehaving I drop you like a bad habit
  • I’m open to people am cool with
  • Wish I knew how to speak Hausa language because when you hear an educated Hausa speak English God you gonna love English all over again, an educated Hausa English is cool #dumb right
  • I smile a lot and I appreciate good looking guys when I see them
  • I forgive but I find it hard to forget
  • I talk and play a lot even though I have this innocent and gentle face
  • I don’t know how to hide how my feelings, If I don’t like you, I tell/show you to your face which makes most people think I’m harsh and strict but I’m just being myself


  • I’m single right now, I’m in a relationship with myself and all things that concern me
  • I get angry easily, little and stupid things annoy me, most especially stupid boys
  • I’m not in any university right now( there’s a story behind it), but working towards it by God’s grace this year
  • I get bored watching movies and parties ain’t really my thing but I love weddings and I cry anyhow when I attend weddings, any small thing I’m already crying, bride is crying, mother of the bride crying, I join them.. ( I’m emotionally weak)
  • My best food is drinking Garri
  •  I love Indian movies and high school movies (wish I knew how to dance Tho)
  • Indian Sari Is Bae too bad I don’t have any #sad
  • Chocolates and sweet is life
  • I get excited over things easily
  • Finally, Drinking Garri is my best food

If you think you know something about me and it isn’t on the list.. Feel free to add yours



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  1. Melve
    April 19, 2018 Reply

    It's a good thing to know about you, sounds so exciting to be with you. Keep up the positive vibes and spread it.

  2. Anonymous
    April 19, 2018 Reply

    you have big teeths

  3. dunni_stitches A DUN NI
    April 20, 2018 Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. dunni_stitches A DUN NI
    April 20, 2018 Reply

    Thank you… Glad you enjoyed it

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