•  I love food, but don’t eat much(weird right)
  •  I play a lot
  • Love disturbing people (looking for trouble / teasing)
  • I get angry easily
  • I can keep malice for the world (it’s a bad habit u really wanna stop)
  • I get irritated easily
  • I love anything fashion especially shoes and bags, I prefer using my money to buy shoes and bag instead of food


  •  I have zero knowledge and experience when it comes to playing especially mobile games which explains why I don’t have any on my phone
  •  I can talk for Africa
  • I love listening to music, it soothes my spirit and I know 99.9% of the song on my phone by heart but have got a bad voice if u hear me sing… You will run for your life #smiles
  • I love meat
  • I love watching cartoons
  •  I love reading novels
  •  I don’t know how to check on people(call) it’s a bad habit I really wanna stop
  •  If it ain’t little mix or Tatiana (foreign artist)  and if it ain’t simi or adekunle gold (Nigeria artist) please swerve
  • I love sleeping
  • I live in imaginations that why u see me smiling always
  •  I love taking pictures but don’t know how to pose.. Who will teach me please #sad

  •  I’m a good matchmaker #winks
  • I make friends easily but if you start misbehaving I drop you like a bad habit
  • I’m open to people am cool with
  • Wish I knew how to speak Hausa language because when you hear an educated Hausa speak English God you gonna love English all over again, an educated Hausa English is cool #dumb right
  • I smile a lot and I appreciate good looking guys when I see them
  • I forgive but I find it hard to forget
  • I talk and play a lot even though I have this innocent and gentle face
  • I don’t know how to hide how my feelings, If I don’t like you, I tell/show you to your face which makes most people think I’m harsh and strict but I’m just being myself


  • I’m single right now, I’m in a relationship with myself and all things that concern me
  • I get angry easily, little and stupid things annoy me, most especially stupid boys
  • I’m not in any university right now( there’s a story behind it), but working towards it by God’s grace this year
  • I get bored watching movies and parties ain’t really my thing but I love weddings and I cry anyhow when I attend weddings, any small thing I’m already crying, bride is crying, mother of the bride crying, I join them.. ( I’m emotionally weak)
  • My best food is drinking Garri
  •  I love Indian movies and high school movies (wish I knew how to dance Tho)
  • Indian Sari Is Bae too bad I don’t have any #sad
  • Chocolates and sweet is life
  • I get excited over things easily
  • Finally, Drinking Garri is my best food

If you think you know something about me and it isn’t on the list.. Feel free to add yours

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