Are you wondering how to take things to the next level with that shy cutie?
Shy guys can be perplexing they may not openly let you know they like you or ask you out, so you’ll have to be willing to make the first move in order to date them. Once you’ve broken the ice, work your magic to get closer to a shy guy. No matter what happens, you’ll need to reel in your expectations a shy guy may be a little different from other guys you’ve dated
Taking the initiative
Show interest in little ways. Some shy guys need the green light to know that you’re interested. Whenever you see him, be sure to smile and say “hi.”
If you see him from across the room, hold eye contact for a little while and smile. Doing so may give him the courage to come over
Approach him one-on-one.
Even the most outgoing guys can be overwhelmed when you’re constantly surrounded by a group of friends. Take the pressure off by stepping away from your pals to chat him up.
A shy guy will be more likely to engage with you one-on-one.
If your friends are around, ask them to meet you later so you can talk in private. Then walk up to your shy guy with a huge smile and say Hi
Ask open-ended questions to keep conversations going.
Greeting one another and making small talk will only get you so far with a shy guy. Take conversations deeper by using open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer
Suggest low-key activities to warm up to one another.
Once you and Mr. Shy get on friendly terms, suggest a time for you to hang out together. These should be low-key get together under “safe conditions, using something that connects you two
Build a connection
Chat sides by aside rather than face-to-face. Guys in general are more receptive during shoulders to shoulder activities as opposed to head-on ones. Try to reduce the pressure and help him get comfortable with you by talking and doing activities sides by side.
Connect through shared interests.
Your shy crush will be more relaxed when he’s in his “zone,” so find things you have in common. Use these interests to deepen conversations or bring excitement to your time together. [6]
For example, if you both like Stranger Things, consider watching the show or going to a convention together.
You’re more likely to win him over if the interest is genuinely mutual. He’ll be able to tell if you’re pretending to like something just to get close to him
Invite him out to a non pressure small gathering.
Calling it a “date” just might freak out a shy guy in the early stages, so ask him out to lighter, small group gatherings. Maybe ask him to come with you and friends to a concert or a festival happening in your area
Don’t overwhelm him with people.
Keep these gatherings intimate: just the two of you, 1-2 of his close friends, and 1-2 of yours. This sweet spot will prevent him from feeling anxious at a big group gets together, but won’t make it seem too “date-like either.
Up the stakes by hanging out oneon-one.
After you’ve gotten to know one another, initiate plans for a real date. Plan the date around your personalities, so you both feel comfortable.
Consider going to a movie for a first date with a shy guy, because there’s no pressure to talk or make face-to-face chit-chat.
If he’s not the mushy type, resist the urge to plan a romantic candlelight dinner. Instead, go for something light hearted and casual, so you can both be yourselves
Advancing the relationship
Get comfortable with some silence. At first, you might be unnerved by the many silences that come with dating a shy guy. You might need to repeat something to yourself, like “Silence is not a bad thing” to avoid rushing in with empty or unnecessary conversation.
Over time, you might find that you enjoy the shared silences between you—it can be a relief to not always have to talk!
Silence is perfectly okay and natural in relationships.
Give him space as needed.
If your boyfriend is shy or introverted, he may need time alone to recharge. Don’t take this personally it’s nothing against you. Just establish a way for him to let you know when he needs a little space.
He might put on some headphones when you’re together to demonstrate a need to pull away.
Or, he might grow quiet and withdrawn.If this happens, you might ask, “Why don’t I go in the other room and give you some space?” or “I think I’ll go hang out with my friends for a while.
Allow him time to warm to your friends.
Avoid situations in which your friends “grill” him with questions. This might make him retreat back into his shell. Also, ask him in advance if he’s okay hanging out with a group of your pals. He may feel more comfortable if he can bring a friend along, too.
Remember, just because you love your friends doesn’t mean your guy will. Give him some time to warm up to them instead of assuming that he’ll like them since he likes you.
Don’t draw attention to his shyness.
You might think it’s cute when your crush acts shy or blushes, but he may be mortified inside. Avoid calling out his shyness, whether in a group or when you’re alone. Just overlook it and act like whatever he’s doing is totally normal.
For example, never say “Aww, you’re really shy!” or “You’re blushing!”
Calling attention to his shyness will make him feel self-conscious and maybe make him not want to hang out with you
Plan to take the lead with intimacy.
One of the tough things about dating a shy guy is having to initiate intimacy. Hugs, kisses, and other forms of affection will likely have to be prompted by you in order for them to happen. Your guy may be too shy to make the first move
Tips for Creating Intimacy:
Start slow. Nudge your hand into his while you’re walking alongside each other, or open your arms for a hug when you greet him. If he’s hesitant, kiss him on the cheek at the end of your first few dates.
Ask before you make a new move.
This might sound awkward, but it’s not! You can say softly, “I really want to kiss you right now. Is that ok?” It’s important that you get consent when you’re both clear headed and sober, so you can be sure that he wants this too.
Don’t worry about possible rejection.
If you’ve been spending lots of time together, your guy will be thrilled to take things to the next level. Once he gets comfortable, he might even take the lead, too.
Be patient.
Dating a shy guy might feel agonizing. You might constantly wonder if you’re on the right track. You might also get frustrated when it takes him longer to open up. He will send you signals in his own way to let you know that he’s into you.
Give it time.
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