Dating a shy girl suggest that you will have to do just about everything Right? But that’s not entirely true. Because once she opens up, she will surprise you in a way you can’t even imagine. And when you manage to find space in her little world, she’ll be all yours.
This is exactly why you should date a shy girl
* They don’t like to be the center of attention. If you Mock them in public, embarrass them by singing the birthday song or sing their name loudly, chances are you will never hear from them again. So throw that attention at the people who crave for it and leave them alone
* No, they are not socially awkward. They just like to keep to themselves and they don’t go out of the way to make new friends. But when they get along with someone, they let go. The shyness vanishes in no time.
* They pay a lot of attention to detail. They notice everything from what perfume you wearing to the colour of shoes. And that’s not it, they remember everything from the way you said hello to the way you uttered goodbye. Relax, they are not creepy
* They don’t dominate conversations . They let you finish. They don’t make conversations unless they are inspired. Neither do they like taking charge of a conversation. You can talk as much as you want to and you will be interrupted
* Don’t expect them to accompany you to parties. They like smaller crowds. They would prefer to meet your parents over dinner, rather than chilling with your friends at a night club. Don’t even try changing that, you will ruin your chances
Being quiet is there strength
* Don’t take it as their weakness. They remain quiet, but that doesn’t mean they are unaware of what’s happening around them. They observe everything before they take a step ahead. Being silent Is their cover, and they remove it only if they think you are worth it
* They are romantic, but they are the bookish sort of romantic.
But they are slow, very slow. They make a move only when they are convinced that you won’t let them down. And they do a lot of note writing and quote sharing their way to tell you how they feel. Explicitly expressing feelings is not their thing
* They blush a lot. A lot
You will compliment them and they’ll blush for the entire evening. Really
* They freeze when someone tries to kiss them, or when someone hugs them or holds hands with them. They don’t know what to do because butterflies start racing in their stomach. It’s awkward, but it’s the nice kind
* They talk with their eyes often. They don’t believe in saying everything. They like to be in the moment, feel every bit of it and let it go. This is the best thing about them and also the quality you will adore the most
* Don’t expect them to make the first move. They will never make the first move.
They can’t get themselves to maybe that’s the way they are made. They will take a long time to open up and reveal their deep secrets. If you are looking for something fast, the they are probably not made for you. But if you like to take time and like things slow and steady, they won’t disappoint you.



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