Hey guys, what a lovely day it is today, you missed me right.
Missed you guys also, enough of the silly talks.
Been a while i posted right, not my fault was in a place where there wasn’t power supply for a couple of weeks here in Lagos, shocking right
On today’s blog post it about my visit to EPE RESORT.

Epe resort is located in a luxurious and eclectic setting in the epe region of lagos state, it is located in the gentle hills north of the lagoon and west of epe town, a local fishing port and very accessible no matter where you coming from either by land or air.


You probably wondering how i found out about this right, saw it on a blog and i fell in love instantly. i said to myself i have to be there

I asked myself will i be allowed to enter, what will i say when i get there, these silly questions keep coming up then i looked it up online called and i was told it’s not allowed to take pictures. i was downcast, sad, gave up immediately.

Then the guy said to me you can send us a mail regarding that and i became determined again. i was like let me send who knows they might reply “who knows” wasn’t expecting the reply so soon, was really surprised and happy i was literally dancing and screaming when i saw the reply i was like I’m finally going to epe resort”.

I said to myself hope the staff will be nice, will i be welcomed nicely sure have seen the picture of the place not the staff. Yes, it was the sales manager that called me and he was nice over the phone will the remaining staffs be like that, was feeling on top of the world when he asked me to come anytime i want #smiles


I visited EPE RESORT on Wednesday the 16th of may 2018. Getting there  was having goosebumps, following normal protocols was asked a few questions before i was allowed to enter and the security men were accommodating and funny. Mind you i went with a friend, he was my photographer for the day. We were ushered in to the reception and was welcomed by a sweet, charming and lovely lady, i was like”oya, aduni see VIP treatment” i was just opening my teeth.

Started my photoshoot and tour from the swimming pool , felt like jumping in but don’t know how to swim, took pictures went to the restaurant afterwards the tennis court and i played on the swing for a while. Entering the restaurant i became hungry immediately cos have never been to a restaurant as cool as that too bad i didn’t eat tho.


After the restaurant, i went to the rooms, they have 3 sections but only 2 sections were available cos the 3rd one was been renovated. Took pictures of the room , the soccer field and so on, the environment is amazing felt like taking pictures in every corner,every spot but that would be too much right


After that went to the rooftop, the building is one in town, i was overwhelmed on seeing the building from the ground floor the wall paintings are superb not really a fan of wall painting but i fell in love with wall painting that day was admiring the building, taking pictures and smiling to myself.


When i got to the rooftop i was short of words for a couple of seconds i was just staring didn’t say a word it was like a dream.  didn’t say a word it was like a dream when i finally opened my mouth to talk i was just saying WOW continuously


 The view is wonderful, amazing, superb any good word you can think of, i could smell the grass, the forest view,i could see the ocean felt the warmth of the sun, breath in fresh air, the cloud was close to me.


The rooftop is the part i enjoyed most at the resort cos of the view just imagine how it gonna be in the night, the cool night breeze the stars..O.M.G


I didn’t wanna leave the rooftop but can’t stay there forever, it’s like a safe place to escape to, a place from everything, your worries, problems everything just enjoy the view, relax, smile and be happy.

I finally left the rooftop, with a smile on my face after taking a whole lot of pictures



Meet my photographer and friend @walexyp on instagram he’s very resourceful in short he’s all in one.

Say HELLO to my tour guide who doesn’t wanna take pictures, his name is oluwaseun and i forced him to take these pictures, he’s calm, friendly, understanding, he’s a good tour guide and he has a cute smile.#winks

On a final note, EPE RESORT is a place you must visit with your loved ones, their hospitality is one in town, no dull moment there at all and if you a fan of wall painting you will see quite a number of them there.    

 ”it’s a place i definitely wanna visit again”.



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  1. Anonymous
    May 25, 2018 Reply

    nice work, (all in one)

  2. a_dun_ni
    May 26, 2018 Reply

    Smiles.. Thank u

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