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Style talk is a program organised by Glam official also part of the fashion finest awards which was held on sunday 27th may 2018 at the Federal palace hotel, balmoral convention centre.

The event was a two panel show.


The first panel consist of Toyosi gregory jonah a mom blogger and a boutique owner she said i  quote
 “you have to hit the right target audience as a designer and influencer”

Abidemi adedeji a fashion designer
The oluwo sisters adetoke and teni oluwo

Adetoke oluwo is the brain behind SGTC clothing she said and i quote
   “no matter what you wear always have your crowd”

Teni oluwo a fashion stylist and someone am fond of already she said and i quote

“you have to think out of the box if you wanna stand out, be different”

and i guess you can see that from her outfit

Kemi smallzz an OAP and a fashion lover she said and i quote

“Personal style blogger is about you, your mood,  how you express yourself while pop culture you have to be deep in the fashion world and talk about it

The second panel consist of toyosi gregory jonah, the oluwo sisters toke and teni, mimi onalaja a Tv presenter and fashion lover, paul ukonu a fashion photographer and sharon ojong a content and creative director and they all said a whole lot of things and gave nice style tips like the teni oluwo gave tips on the socks trend i could go on and on but don’t wanna bore you with stories  it was an amazing, fun filled and nice show glad to be part of it..
And this is the first fashion show am attending and i love it

Caught a nice quote but can’t remember who said it and it goes thus

   “if you jump up you will come down, if you grow you will stay there” 

Sorry for the short post gonna talk about my outfit to the event in my next post

And i got a free picture courtesy  Nivea one of the sponsors of the event excuse my phone camera please….



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    Hi there! Such a wonderful article, thank you!

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