I think the most interesting part of growing up is the sudden need to have some illusion of normalcy in your life.

We try to control the fast changes in our lives by engaging in behaviour that we used to when we were more carefree and under the  controlled environment and excuse of “getting an education”

After some time you end up trying new experiences trying desperately to feel some connection to the person you once were or the person you want to be.

Either way, you feel stuck somewhere in between, some no-man’s land, where you are half way detached , halfway isolated to your present reality



Back to reality, attended a fashion event on the 27th of may 2018, check previous post for that… The dresscode for the event was your definition of fashion then i said to myself what will i wear cos the first time am attending a fashion show that too during RAMADAN, i said to myself it has be decent and stylish as well. So,i settled for an ANKARA palazzo pant and a fitted top with a nice cap.



 Ankara palazzo pant
Lacra top
Lacra cap
The Lacra materials are different tho have different thickness and texture.

  Complete outfit were handmade by me with love and i made my sister own also who was my photographer for the day

  Can you rock this to a fashion event ?

        “what’s your definition of fashion” 



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    June 6, 2018 Reply

    Tanx boo

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