You probably end up asking yourself what the meaning of life is, how you fit into it, if you’ve got what it takes to navigate it and a bunch of other difficult – to – answer questions.
This pictures have been with me for the past one month been waiting for the right moment to upload them am not sure this even if this is the right moment is there really a thing like the right moment or just another word for procrastination
Back to the day I took this pictures, had my morning prayer and slept off.
Planned on taking this pictures that morning using my uncle phone cos I don’t have a good one but sleep took the better of me


              P.S: I love sleep
When I woke up, my uncle was already dressed up about to go out seeing him I was downcast, I gave up already felt like crying. Then my cousin said to me don’t give up yet..
She said go take your bath,a miracle might happen
Then I stood up took my bath and took my pictures. You probably wondering how I did it right, I took my uncle phone and ran away (don’t take people’s things without their permission).
You can imagine the rest

 Take Risks in your life
If you win, you can lead
If you lose, you can guide
              Today’s outfit: 
        Denim shirt and jacket– Thrifted
         With a touch of black
          Black is my best colour




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