Most times you think you are in control, everything is going to plan, but no! sometimes, somethings don’t usually go as planned.

My experience- 

It’s all starting to make sense and in a couple of minutes “boom” everything is gone, your plan is destroyed you start feeling bad, saying things you aren’t meant to say and shut everyone out.. Life!!!

I learnt this 2 days ago, was happy everything was going according to what I planned, I was like I have been doing nothing for the past 6 months and this remaining 6 months I am gonna make the most out of it and then suddenly you just back to square one.. Where you’ve been where you wanna run away from but ask yourself where do you wanna escape to..


If you’re brave enough to admit that you’re on the same boat as I am, lets start the dialogue. Its time to break the cycle of quiet discomfort. Lets start talking .

This time, its sink or swim


On Thursday I went for an interview.. Yeah, me, I, Aduni went for an interview and I was contemplating on what to wear so I settled for this..


I got the job tho, but I can’t work full time so its gone.. So painfully, I really wanted the job you know..

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”… Og Mandino

Have got to keep pushing…


Outfit details

Palazzo pant…my mummy dash me
Chiffon top..can’t remember where I got it.. Its been with me for a while
And I rocked it with my channel sandal and bag




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