Do you feel like you take enough time just for yourself?

“ME DAY” encouraging busy people to honor the day by taking the time to do something nice for themselves.

Here are some thoughts about how you might celebrate your ME DAY

  • Think outside the spa. The traditional idea of “me” activities include taking a massage or bubble bath. The important thing is to do something that you choose, that takes you outside your normal routine and that you truly enjoy

  • Doing nothing might be better than doing something. Give yourself the permission to be lazy might be the perfect ME DAY celebration. Try taking a small step in that direction by turning off your alarm and allowing yourself the simple pleasure of sleeping in
  • ME DAY can be an unselfish day spending part or all of ME DAY on volunteering could be a great way to honor the day but remember do something you never or rarely do and that you will truly enjoy. If volunteering doesn’t hit those criteria for you keep it for a different day

  • ME DAY can be a good day for learning new thing, a language, musical instrument, go on hike are all good ME DAY activities as long as what you do is something you really enjoy
  • ME DAY needn’t be solo, you can a call a friend for a chat or attend an impromptu event or get together. It’s a great way to celebrate ME DAY as well
  • ME DAY doesn’t have to be all day. A full ME DAY is nice if you can swing it but if not try taking a ME break. You can take yourself shopping with the assignment to buy yourself a nice present

  • Do not limit yourself to once a year. ME DAY may not come around again for another year. But that shouldn’t be the next time you do something nice for yourself you’ll be happier, healthier and yes more productive. If you regularly take a ‘’mental health day” make time to try new things you’ve always wanted to do

“ME DAY according to urban dictionary is a day that’s all about you, relax, eat, watch TV and be lazy, doing the fun things you wanna do.”


Have always been a people’s person, I love being around people, I thrive on social situations and spending time with friends, I love being in the mall/eatery bustling full of people and meeting new people for no good reason.

I love being surrounded by people who are uplifting and inspiring. My secret to enjoying time with other people so much is to value “ME DAYS” that’s right, complete days(for sometimes just few hours) completely by myself.

Am a better friend and colleague when I dedicate that sacred time to myself_____ am more patient, creative and spontaneous. I feel rested and rejuvenated for whatever comes next. Spending good quality time alone also helps me de-stress and teaches me to appreciate my own company.

Taking time to yourself and replenishing with a “ME DAY” is a surefire way to be happier, healthier and to enjoy and appreciate the people around you more. These are  just some fun ways on “how to have a me day”

  • Plan your ME DAY (here’s a big one) don’t feel guilty about it! Put it in your schedule, you will always have things to do and your special “ME DAY” won’t happen until you make it happen in your calendar. It’s your responsibility to make that day and time work to truly spend time alone
  • Stay in bed for a few extra minutes wake up early but don’t rush out of bed take your sweet time sister. Trust me it’s glorious/ pamper yourself


  • Stretch time to start your “ME DAY” on the right foot and appreciate every muscle in your body
  • Get out of your diary, if you have one writing is something I would recommend for every day but if very important on your “ME DAY” what down what you worried about, happy about and most importantly what you are thankful for

  • Do random things that’s right just be silly. Here’s a few idea finger paint, dance in your pajamas (if you have one) break into spontaneous cat walk, sing, embrace your inner child
  • Take a walk, soak up the beauty and be quiet on the lookout for the wonderful things that surround you(the nature, views)

  • Avoid your To-do list, the list will always be there and so will your day-to-day obligations and responsibilities. Today is not the day to worry about that but instead focus on your body, your mind and yourself
  • Pray or meditate “ME DAYS” are a great day to refocus on your mind on what truly matters and to reflect on your life
  • Treat yourself! Maybe it’s getting a getting a medicure/ pedicure or makeover. Today is your day and the time to do it is now
  • End the day with a bubble bath

I hope you take the opportunity to spend some quality time alone time soon. I think you’ll find it rewarding, relaxing and just plain awesome.



Comments (4)

  1. Nickie Rager
    July 8, 2018 Reply

    Such a great post with great advice. I have a hard time letting go and taking a ME DAY. Love it!

  2. theadunni__
    July 9, 2018 Reply

    You should definitely plan ur ME DAY sure u gonna enjoy it..just be free

  3. Adedokun Taofeek Adebusola
    July 18, 2018 Reply

    good one to come by…Good "ME DAY" TIPS. will try do same someday. i'm not the type who likes outing. Thanks for the tips sister

  4. theadunni__
    July 18, 2018 Reply

    Uwc bro

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