Hey guys, I finally had the chance to visit Nike art gallery after finding about the place through a friends page on Instagram “Harwah i hope you are seeing this”


Nike art gallery is a culture and art center located in elegushi road, lekki- ajah lagos


    I was opportune to visit the art gallery on the 30th of September 2018 and it was more than I expected.


Getting to the gallery, I was welcomed by a serene, calm and loving environment and the staffs gave a warm welcome to the gallery.   

The gallery is a 3 storey building and each floor has its own amazing, beautiful, mind blowing and unique arts. The gallery is designed with pictures and paintings of good quality including amazing crafts and the pictures were displayed in good light, I was lost in the beauty of the place. I literally took pictures in every nooks and corners of the gallery. 

Mind you, you allowed to take pictures of yourself using the artwork as background but you not allowed to take a picture of the artworks which explains why I have more pic of myself than the artworks.


    I was also opportune to meet mum nike( the owner of the gallery) at the gallery and she’s such a calm, loving and accommodating woman. I felt warm and happy in her embrace


For a moment, I thought she was my grandmother, she doesn’t feel old at all because she challenged me to a shaku shaku dance ( a type of dance in Nigeria), too bad am a bad dancer. 

The art gallery is a place I would love to visit anytime and anyday. If you are a lover of art and you want to know more about African culture nike art gallery is the place for you to go trust me. 

The gallery is accessible to all as its FREE ENTRY, no charges just go and enjoy the work of art.


Lastly, you can purchase arts or souvenirs at the gallery café, affordable and they are of good quality.


Indeed, ART is life, ART is never finished only abandoned
PAINTING is self-discovery, PAINTING is poetry that is seen rather than felt


P.S; I took pictures of some of the artworks so if you want to see them, just hit me up..#winks

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  1. I have no idea and am so surprised I got to yahoo news… I will just say just keep doing you.. Your work will get you there.. And if u happen to find me there again a screenshot would be nice and you can send it to me.. Thank you

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