Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful day today. This isn’t actually a blog post, just a little chat with fast rising young and talented music artist and it’s none other than OLAONIPEKUN OLATUNBOSUN popularly known as TROD. But before we start, tell us a little about you


Hello, my names are Olaonipekun Olatunbosun Taofeek, last child of the family of nine, a 400 level student studying sociology in the prestigious Tai Solarin university of eduction (tasued). A native of ogun state, born in Alagbado brought up in Mushin. I like ladies, love taking hennessy and like staying indoors

“You heard the guy, he like ladies “where my ladies at” who knows you might be the lucky one”

Now to the chat in full

  1. What is your full name

My names are olaonipekun olatunbosun taofeek

  1. How did you come up with your stage name

Uhh… I would say it just happened because I was putting together a song lyrics and listening to an instrumental at the same time so the name just popped up. Its more like an inspiration TROD(The return of dagrin)

  1. If you weren’t singing what would you be doing

I would probably be doing yahoo(just joking tho) to answer your question would probably be stuck in a 9 to 5 hours job

  1. What your relationship status

Single and ready to mingle. Am engaged to music right now

  1. Is this your first interview session, if NO, what is the weirdest question you’ve been asked

Uhhh…that would be someone asking me if we fetish in my family.. imagine do I look like someone from a fetish family

  1. Which is the best song you’ve released

This is a tricky and hard question.. truth be told I would say all my songs because I can’t think of any that isn’t good

  1. Do you get nervous before going on stage

YES,I do. But then I go with the mindset of leaving a good impression on people seeing me perform for the first time because first impression really matters

  1. Which music artist would you like to collaborate with

Olamide and reminisce

  1. Your favorite food

Any good food wey enter belle ni o

  1. Are you signed to a record label

YES and NO, because am currently using a family record label MISOFUNYIN ENTERTAINMENT

  1. If you could relate to any celebrity who would it be and why

Olamide, reminisce, meek mill and NAS and the reason is they sing the kind of music I do.. street wise

  1. If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be

Smiles.. it nothing serious tho, just a slang “wha ri do”

  1. How good is your new single compared to the last one

Uhmm.. I don’t have an answer to this would let the fans decide

  1. Describe your style( music, fashion)

My music is literally everything around me, what am going through, street wise, so I will say my music style is LIFE and my fashion style would be simple, classy and comfortable. Am  big fan of TEES, I can rock them anytime, anyday, anywhere. Besides that, incase of anything I can always JAPA in the street

  1. Was music always your dream or it just happened

YES, music has always been my dream but for you to become a musician in my family, you to be an outlaw first then music follows

  1. What are your inspirations

Just one word LIFE

  1. Who do you aspire to be like and more than

My late brother DAGRIN( may he continue to rest in peace), I don’t think I would be able to leave more impact than him tho but am trying my best, it more like me saying there’s a better rapper than 2PAC out there( just my opinion tho), so I will work and shine at my own pace

  1. How long have you been singing

Have been singing since I was 15 years old

  1. Did you ever think you wouldn’t get this far

Sighs.. well, I would say YES because there are times I feel like people wouldn’t pay attention or listen to my songs, there are times I think people would criticize me by saying am using DAGRIN’s memories or style to get attention but the man gats to keep pushing and make good music

  1. What made you do music

Music has always been something I wanted to do, like I said earlier become an outlaw then music follows

  1. Do you play any instrument

NO, my mouth is the only instrument I play

  1. Which musician do you admire and which do you learn from

Olamide, reminisce, meek mill, Nas and Dagrin(continue to rest in peace in bro)

  1. Tell us your embarrassing moment

This might sound like an excuse tho.. my embarrassing moment was when I went to unilag to perform at DJ Enimoney wobe tour, guess the sound system was faulty or something, I wasn’t audible enough and cracking up a little bit, the next thing I saw was unilag students throwing things at me on stage.. YES, that’s it

“unilag students oya gather here, come and defend yourselves”

  1. Your obsession


  1. Which record label would you like to be signed to

Actually, I would like to own my own record label

  1. When should we be expecting a new single from you

Actually, I have a lot of singles but don’t know which to release first besides am working on dropping the video for my latest single (COME ONLINE) before releasing a new single

  1. If you had any message to give your fan, what would it be

Just keep doing you and don’t give up because LIFE is full of ups and downs.. just keep doing you

  1. Any last word

To those who are hustling out there to be great in life, just keep being you and never give up, even if everything seems hard. Don’t forget to move closer to GOD, he is the only way out


And it’s a wrap guys, you can reach on all social media @iam_trod and if you have any question to ask him just put them here in the comment section, am sure he’s going to reply you guys here.. try your luck

Have fun filled week ahead guys



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  1. theaduni
    December 6, 2018 Reply

    Same here..can’t wait to help you

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