Support, loyalty and the cookie

 Women are complicated creature. We need things, a lot of things and we expect our man to provide it. We want this now, we want another thing in the next minute. For a lady to see someone to satisfy her and get all she needs then she needs four different man.

  • A ugly one
  • An old one
  • Gay
  • The real one

Then she can get all she needs and want because the four of them combined, they got you covered

  • The old one: he’ll spend time with you, get you everything you need and doesn’t expect sex from you, he just need someone to hold, to hug and you get financial security
  • The ugly one: he run all your errands for you and does everything you tell him without complaining because he’s happy and satisfied he’s getting attention from someone like short you get your “me time” from him
  • Gay: he is the one for shopping, someone that helps you pick your outfit, fix your nails, your hair and gossip with, the gay one gives you all the conversation you need
  • The real one: is the handsome one, tall, good looking and presentable one, the one you can introduce to everyone and anyone and you get a good sex from him.

Four guys, supplying each of your needs should bring you happiness because for women happiness isn’t guaranteed even once their needs have been met.

Men have to understand that women can change any time, their needs, their conditions and what they want and specifics of what exactly will make women happy and they try to adjust accordingly. Now men, by contrast are very simple creatures, it really doesn’t take much time to make them happy. In fact, there are only three things that every man needs

  • Support
  • Love
  • The cookie

Your support; Men have to feel like someone got their back, like they are the king even if they are not. Trust me, the more you make a man feel like they are special, the more they’ll give in return. They’ll just try harder plain and simple. A man needs someone to tell them they love them, they care about them and appreciate them regularly. Those simple words give them the strength to keep them doing the right thing for you and the people they love and care about.

“thank you, baby I appreciate you”

You don’t know how important that is for your man, that little bit of encouragement makes him want to do more. You think because they are hard they don’t want to cuddle, that they don’t need encouragement but they do.

The woman who comes along and says “you are so big and strong and you’re everything I need” men need more of that to keep going.

Your loyalty; Please understand that a man love is entirely different from a woman’s love. A woman’s love is emotional, nurturing, heart felt, sweet, kind and all encompassing. You can slice a slice of knife through it, it’s so thick and when she’s in love with you, she is loyal to you, she can’t see herself with someone else because for her no one else will do, that’s a woman’s love

But for men, love is loyalty. They want you to show your love to them by being loyal, that means no matter what, you’re going to stand beside them, they get laid off, they know you’re going to stay if he’s not drawing a paycheck. You get around your girlfriends, you’re going to say with great enthusiasm “that’s my man, I’m loyal to him’’.  You’re going to hold on to their hand a little tighter and say from the bottom of your heart “I don’t want any of those shiny rich fine men because my man is the only one for me”(they hope that’s what you’ll say)….smiles, that’s loyalty… kind of love. To men, they are one and the same. The kind of love you require is beautiful, but men love isn’t like a woman love. It’s different, though it’s still love and a man’s love is a very powerful thing, it’s an amazing love. If your loyalty is real and unimpeachable, that man will kill for you, he ain’t going anywhere

The cookie; No brainer, men need sex, they love it, ain’t nothing on this planet like it, there is nothing else they want that bad on a continuous basis, nothing else they simply cannot live without it

Take their house, their job, everything but don’t hold out on the cookie. They don’t care about anything else, they need the cookie. They need to be physically engaged with the woman they love, the woman who is loyal to them, support them and the way they do that is by making love. The emotional stuff, the talking, the cuddling, the holding hands and bonding that’s a woman thing. They will do these things because they know it’s important to you.  But please understand, the way men connect is by having sex…. Period!!!

It’s how they plug in, recharge and reconnect is by having sex, I don’t know of a man who doesn’t need this. Ask any guy if sex is important in a relationship and the one who says no is lying, I just haven’t met that guy yet, when you meet him please introduce him to me because he’s that special and rare. But the rest of men? They need sex like they need air. You got about a month without it, then he’s going to get it from somewhere else(unless you are carrying his child)

I’m telling you; gangs are built on support and loyalty, dudes go out and form gang built on those two things right there, the only thing missing is sex and that’s where the girl gang comes in. if he didn’t care he wouldn’t bother to try to get your cookie, he’d just go on and on and get it from somewhere else. But if he’s into you and you’re cutting back, rationing it out, you’re not doing what you did when you all first started dating, he’s going to line up someone who will. Please believe it when I tell he will tell everybody “this is my girl right here” but meanwhile, he will have another woman lined up and waiting to give him what he needs and want, the cookie. Don’t get it wrong, they are not animals, things change, your monthly is on, your hormones are acting up and you’re not in the mood, but the excuses can’t go on forever.

In conclusion, men have got to have three things

  • Support
  • Loyalty
  • The cookie/sex

From you or they are going to go. You can cook, get them their favorite things, get everything for them, showing them you care about them but what they really need from you when their days go bad is those three things, you give them those and they go out there and fight the world for you. The moment a woman isn’t doing those three things for her, I can promise you he’ll get somebody who will. They cannot survive without these things not for ninety days, they can’t. You may not like what I’m saying, but ask any man about these words and whether they are true and that man will tell you this one simple thing, it’s true; support, loyalty and the cookie. If you supply these three things you’ll have on your hands a man who will do anything you need and want him to do for you.

Pure and simple



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  1. Kaanyinsola
    November 25, 2018 Reply

    So nice

    • theaduni
      November 25, 2018 Reply

      Thank you

  2. Audrey Lee
    November 25, 2018 Reply

    haha this is an interesting read! helps understand my man more and it does make a lot of sense. keep it up!

    • theaduni
      November 25, 2018 Reply

      Thank you, happy you enjoyed it and you could relate to it

  3. Temilayo
    November 25, 2018 Reply

    Nice one aduni keep it up

    • theaduni
      November 25, 2018 Reply

      Thanks dear

  4. theaduni
    December 6, 2018 Reply

    Thank you.. You just put a smile on my face

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