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Hey guys, I bet you all had a wonderful weekend unlike some of us that started the weekend/ new month on a bad note due putting people before yourself and trying to satisfy people by hurting yourself which is one of the things am leaving behind in 2018, enough of the bad vibes.

Today i would be sharing how I styled myself to a muslim event looking modest and chic. Have been contemplating and confused on what to wear to a muslim organization anniversary for weeks now because am not a fan of skirts in short I don’t know how to wear them and gowns are just there am more comfortable wearing my trousers anywhere, anyday, anytime but then it’s a muslim gathering what will I wear I asked myself, I searched through my wardrobe and I found the kimono made months back lying there waiting for me to wear but it was just there plain so I decided to add a little twist to it by putting beads on the kimono and rock it to the event.

Outfit ready, what shoe to wear that was another problem I couldn’t decide on the shoe to wear flats, heels, sandals or sneakers after trying shoes for hours my brother decided to help my situation by giving me his sneakers to wear and I loved it….. yassssssss, am good to go

Of course, I got the stares getting to event, it was my friend that first attacked me that why will I dress like this and I was like babe there’s nothing wrong with what am wearing as long as am comfortable wearing it and my parents ain’t complaining please don’t stress me. A lot of people stared at me but none of them had the effrontery to talk and I just smile at you once I see you staring, in short I gave them my best smile because none of them had the right to tell me how to dress, my life, my style

In conclusion, the point of me writing this is there are a whole lot of people out there who listens to people critics and they feel bad or run for cover babe don’t let them decide for you or tell you what to do, it’s your life as long as you comfortable with what you wearing please flaunt your outfit with pride and let them stare, stares don’t kill. Have a wonderful week ahead and love yourself more

Outfit from @theaduni_clothing, do check them out on instagram

Simple, chic and modest




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    December 6, 2018 Reply

    Thank you

    June 22, 2019 Reply

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