I’m so…….. excited to share this with you guys, if you are looking to make some changes in your life you will love this because I tapped into my inner talent this past week and I loved it, I love the woman am becoming, an entrepreneur, the woman who isn’t afraid to try new things, the woman who isn’t scared of criticism, a strong woman and am happy to say have passed a phase in my life right now and am proud of it

Today I would be sharing what have been up to lately…guess what I designed a short this week and you following me on all my social media accounts you must have seen the pictures because I couldn’t contain the joy and fulfillment I felt after seeing the outcome of what I did and my baby helped of course my annoying sister from another mother…enough of the silly talks

I couldn’t decide on what going to match the shorts, so I decided to style myself in three different ways “one short, three styles”


Short and shirt from @theaduni_clothing

Bag and neckpiece from @accessoriesby_olori


Short from @theaduni_clothing

Denim jacket from


Short from @theaduni_clothing

Shirt from dad’s wardrobe

Which of the look is your favorite because I still can’t decide on a particular, kindly let me know in the comment section on the look you like better.

Super excited about the new week already can’t wait to try new designs. Meanwhile, there is a giveaway coming soon keep your fingers crossed and have a wonderful week ahead

“Tap into your inner self once in a while, you will be glad you did, learn to appreciate and love yourself more”


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  1. I loved all the looks but I think I loved the second one the most! Those shorts look so cute on you. I love how you showed how you can make a wardrobe more minimalist by changing up the style.

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