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Hey you!!! The new year is here and it so exciting over here and I hope it’s the same over there 2018 is over, did you achieve your goals, did you do everything in your new year resolution list. What did 2018 teach you, what did you lose, what do you wish you did, what are your regrets and what are your plans for 2019 

I’m tired of listening and reading new year resolution  because it is over hyped to me and most of you all don’t do anything on your resolution list, some even have another new year resolution already……#insidelife


2018 was a year of uplifting for me, a year of growth. Although, things didn’t go as planned I made a lot of mistakes, I trusted the wrong people, I got hurt to some extent, I cried a lot last year, I expected too much from people and it broke me real hard. I tolerated toxic people all in the name of “NO ONE KNOWS TOMORROW”



I met a lot of people but most of them are not worthy to be called my friend. Tolerance, fake friends, bad vibes, expectations, trusting the wrong people are left behind in 2018


It’s a new year today, my thinking has changed, my tolerance level is zero, my expectations died in 2018,I have little or no friends in my head right now. I’m going to offend a lot of people this year so I’m apologizing in advance (please forgive me). I’m done satisfying people and hurting myself in return, I wouldn’t call it pride, I call it growth and knowing your priorities   

2019 is here, have got no plans, no new year resolution, I’m just going to live life as it comes because I’m tired of planning and not fulfilling them in the end, it kills me everyday. 2019 am just going to take life as it comes, I’m ready for all it has to offer, the struggles, the pain and of course the success


2018, I upped my fashion game.. 2019 am bringing the new course, a new trend, my own style, my signature into the fashion world, you all ain’t ready for it yet (so help me GOD) 2019 comes with a new bang, a new energy, new style and NEW ME   

A lot of people complained I changed last year, some said I became proud, some said rude, some said harsh, some even stopped talking to me but then we are all growing right and I’m not sorry to say this you all haven’t seen anything yet I’m making my circle so small this year, I’m ready for the hate guys and of course the love

2019, I’m doing business enough of the free stuffs. Yeah, I like free stuffs a lot especially food but then if you get everything free you ain’t growing, it going to be the same you, you going to take things for granted, the same trend over and over again

Instead of free things, collaboration would be better, if you can’t offer cash you must be able to give something back in return, collaborate with brands, with your friends, support your friend business not necessarily your friends, people you know that are doing legit business, good things the world need to see and I’m going to be doing that a lot this year. What do you do, what do you sell, let’s grow together. What’s the point of growing if your friend isn’t MORE BUSINESS IN 2019 PLEASE LESS PROCASTINATION     

Make sure you throw your trash out this year, fake friends, grudges, bad habit, doubts, toxic relationship, exes and of course fake family. I didn’t accomplish most of the things I planned last year but 2019 is another year, a new year to try again.

It’s the new year today, learn new things, meet new people, eat healthy, don’t wish for another person’s life, cut off toxic relationship and of course make more money I met some amazing people in the last months of 2018 and I’m happy I did. Improve your social life, show proof of your business, the habit of you doing business with your mouth should stop please, create an Instagram page, it doesn’t cost a thing and of course be ready for the struggles and most especially the NO’s been a startup business

Cut off friends who ain’t helping and got no plans, Yeah I said it. it’s a new year clean your phone contact, don’t keep toxic, bad, annoying people in your life all in the name of “DON’T LOOK DOWN ON PEOPLE” no one is perfect

I will be shouting out my friends business a lot and people I know doing legit business this year, be prepared guys because it going to be loud


Lastly, I beg you people the misconception of me being rich should stop in 2018 please, am still broke for now, my accounts are in reds, I’m just a striving young lady (I like the sound of it LADY), I’m still broke like broke but not for long by GOD’s grace

It’s a new year today, do have a wonderful, uplifting, prosperous, successful and happy new year guys from theaduni and don’t forget to eat healthy

Lest I forget, more collaborations guys.. let’s create MAGIC together this new year.

Much love from this side

outfit details;

complete outfit from @theaduni_clothing.. do check them out on instagram




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  1. Anne
    January 10, 2019 Reply

    Love the message of this post! It’s important to get rid of toxicity! P.S. Your sunglasses are so on point.

    • theaduni
      January 10, 2019 Reply

      Toxicity kills u slowly… And its too late before most people find out… And thanks for the compliment about my sunglasses tho..

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