Let face it everyone is fascinated with sex

How does it feel ?

What happens next?

What are the best positions?

How do you relate with the person afterwards?

Is it real how my friends say it is?

Is it painful and so on?

I tell you, most ladies get into relationship for the wrong reasons, the curiosities, my friend are doing it [it won’t hurt if I try] the list is endless

Writing this post is kinda hard for me because I can’t really relate to it, anyways, here it goes

Most ladies get into the relationship for the wrong reasons, no feelings nothing. OMG!!! He’s handsome, I am so dating him, I like the way he speaks, I love his smile, I like the fact that he’s friendly and nice and to crown it all, most ladies get into relationship because he’s rich. I can boldly say it that most women in Nigeria now date a man because of his money.

There’s a popular saying “money first, love follows” when I hear someone say this I look at you like how can you think like this, then I thought about it and I still didn’t get it. So, I discussed it with a friend and her mom and she gave us enough example, the conversation was fun and she explained the phrase, then she said “let the man love you more than you love him”.

So, I will see the reason most ladies loose interest in a man after getting intimate is probably because they never loved the man.

  • Most ladies want attention/emotional connection but most men don’t understand. Most ladies think sex will bring them closer to their partner, forging an intimate and loving bond. They think “if a man can’t show how much he cares in the bedroom, where else
  • Most ladies love to be wooed and lavished with attention, especially at the beginning of a relationship “if you’re not willing to romance her now, then what’s it going to be like few months down the line”
  • For some ladies, it foreplay when it comes to enjoying sex, it takes time before ladies understand and appreciate it. If a man doesn’t make an effort to make sure his partner gets maximum pleasure and only take care of himself, it can be an indicator of how he will act in the rest of the relationship.
  • For some ladies, it’s confidence, if a woman doesn’t feel confidence having sex with you, probably you won’t see her again
  • For some, it orgasm, a man cannot underestimate how much the female orgasm matters and even if we don’t achieve it just acknowledging it during sex tells us you’re a considerate person, who wants to make sure we had a good time. A man who understands this and tries to do anything they can to help the woman achieve their orgasm is going to be a keeper. If not, this could be why you don’t get a callback.

In conclusion, most ladies get into the relationship for the wrong reasons, they get intimate and everything is gone. My advice to ladies out there, know the right reasons you going into a relationship, don’t rush in because your friends are in a relationship, don’t have sex because your friends are doing it already.

Do things at your own convenient time and don’t let anyone decide for you



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  1. Anne
    January 22, 2019 Reply

    I love the end of the post – it’s important to get into a relationship for the right reasons. That is so true. Well said.

    • theaduni
      January 23, 2019 Reply

      I know right.. Because most people get into a relationship for the wrong reasons

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