Palazzo pants have been in vogue for quite sometimes now and I enjoy wearing it because I’m always free and comfortable wearing it. Have seen a lot of people wearing it, styled it in different ways and it always comes out nice. I tell people, there are million ways to style your palazzo pants and I decided to try something new with it. It something have always wanted to do, something have planned in my head and I feel pure happiness when I think about it but then fear comes in then I said to myself   

“Recount a time in your life when you faced a fear, challenge or failure. I think most of us are afraid that we don’t have a story to tell, that there’s nothing special about us. And then a moment comes when you least expect it where you have to step up no matter how terrified you are, but we have learned is, “it’s good to be scared sometimes” Scared of losing the people we love or scared of not achieving our dreams, because those moments remind us just how special our stories really are and then maybe when you face enough of your fear, life stops being so scary at all”


There are different meanings to this but in this instance it plain and simple, people are going to make jest of me if they see me dressed like this, people are going to abuse me but then I don’t have to think like other people, I have to be creative and creativity is wide and versatile so I stopped caring about people and I decided to do it.


I styled my complete look myself and the location just happened, this wasn’t how I planned this look..YEAH!!! a little bit of makeup, bold lips, big earrings and a beautiful environment but it didn’t turn out the way I planned it because the shoot wasn’t planned, it was just an opportunity, like they say opportunity comes but once and the pictures came out nice.  

Like I always say and I will repeat it again, DO YOU, BE YOU. Don’t be afraid to try new things, stand out, be comfortable with yourself, what you wear and you will feel pure happiness, TRUST ME

See how to style your palazzo pant as a formal wear here..

There are no limits to creativity





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  1. Anshula
    February 16, 2019 Reply

    I’ve never heard of Palazzo pants but girl, I need these in my life right now! They are so cute!

    • theaduni
      February 16, 2019 Reply

      trust me, palazzo pants are in vogue and perfect for all occasions, it all depend on how you style it

    July 14, 2019 Reply

    […] Click here to see how i styled one of my palace pants with sneakers […]

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