It’s been a long week, have been lazy all week. In short, I didn’t do anything all week all because I was mad at myself, I didn’t do most of what I planned on doing last month which literally killed me inside. I even thought of deleting my blog(mad right) but i couldn’t do it, I can’t just give up halfway right, ”it a bad month, not a bad year”  so I forced myself to complete this write up, started writing this early last month and I just finished writing this few days back and I have quite a number of uncompleted writing, promised to change this month tho, so help me GOD

YEAH!!! We all want to be successful, everyone dream of their future, we are all hungry for success but it isn’t an easy task. Life is full of ups and downs and in the quest of success we face many challenges, setbacks, deceit, lies and most of all failure.

You can’t give up because you failed at some point in your life, you have to stay hungry for success unless your dreams are just going to remain dreams, unless you want to live in your imaginations all your life. Successful people didn’t wake up successful, they worked for it, life isn’t a bed of roses. Most of your Instagram influencers, your role models didn’t sleep on their dream, they were hungry for it and now they live the life they want.

To be successful, to start something big, as a beginner in any field you have to be hungry and foolish, you will meet different people on your way up. People older than you, people you older than, you will tolerate people who you ain’t meant to, you will meet people wiser than you, better than you, people will make jest of you, the one’s born with a silver spoon, the annoying ones but in the end you have to stay foolish and hungry at the same time. I won’t say I’m successful tho but to some extent I am, I’m living my dream, hungry and very much foolish. YEAH!!! I said it, you have to be foolish but to some extent because there is a limit to everything.

When I started blogging, I literally do things for free just for people to notice me, I beg people to share my blog post, I tolerated people I’m not supposed to all I the name of being foolish. I was foolish to the extent I just follow people’s advice blindly, I don’t think of anything all because I want to be successful. Sometimes last year, I announced a free advert on the blog and people reached out to me, I thought of it that if I had announced a price alongside the advert many people won’t reach out to me but I didn’t advertise for most of them tho because most of them didn’t have a proof for their business, it was just mouth, no Instagram or facebook page, mere talk (have a page for your business, it won’t cost you anything)  there was a particular person that reached out then and the way she talked really pissed me off, she said and I quote “I’m just trying to help you and you’re feeling important” then I thought about it, madam I’m the one doing the free advert here o, yeah, you have a massive follower and exposure it going to help me but there is a limit to everything.

I was confused then, should I just let it pass, after all, it a win-win case so I decided to do it but the height of it was when she called me very early one day, shouting over the phone “you haven’t put up the post yet, why did you promise and fail” and sorts she was just blabbing and ranting at the same time, I didn’t say anything I just hanged up and blocked her immediately, it not as if you paying me or something, even if you are paying there is a limit. Besides, what the assurance if I advertised your products on my website I’m going to get massive traffic to my website and people are going to know about me, I thought about it and I stopped the free advert immediately, you can’t talk to me like I work for you or I beg from you, even if i work for you, i deserve some respect, I can’t belittle myself all in the name of exposure…NO

Been foolish doesn’t mean you have to be dumb. Like I said earlier, I’m not successful yet but have seen improvement, I’m still hungry for success and foolish but my being foolish is to some extent. My dear, know who to tolerate and respect, don’t question your self-worth, don’t hate yourself, don’t tolerate wrong people, don’t respect toxic people and just do you.

Lastly, don’t work for free all in the name of exposure, been there, done that. My dear, exposure never paid the bill and it never will, don’t be fooled dear.





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