Valentine Valentine Valentine

This what I see everywhere, most of the people on my timeline are excited about valentine, the red and white color everywhere, valentine gift packs, cloths, couples hangout and sorts.

I’m I the only one who isn’t excited about valentine, no plans, valentine day is just a normal day for me. Most of my friends who have boyfriends are going out to see a movie but I’m stuck in my father’s house…. So I’m asking this question “is valentine only meant for couples” to me, it’s a NO, valentine is for showing love to your loved ones be it your friends, siblings, neighbors and colleagues

Since I will be spending valentine’s day alone, I decided to put a valentine outfit together from my wardrobe, even if I have nowhere to go, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t look good and same goes to single people out there who knows you might get a surprise date. If I  remember vividly, the last time I celebrated valentine was during my secondary school days, I was forced to do it and I later enjoyed because I got a lot of gifts then. This year, I’m giving all the single people out there a valentine gift by showing you how you can enjoy your valentine day alone.

First, create your valentine outfit from your wardrobe, most people think they need a cloth for valentine, my dear you see that dress lying somewhere in your wardrobe, that white top you don’t like, that dress you wore last valentine and you scared of what people will say if you wear it again, my dear that is your perfect outfit for valentine, just style it in a different way, you see that top/dress that you think is old fashioned, that top/dress you’ve only worn once, that is your perfect valentine outfit. Dress up, apply light make up and you good to go

Secondly, after looking good take yourself out, don’t go to a big mall or supermarket, don’t even go to the cinema or else you are going to feel intimidated and it’s not good for your mental health. You see that small mall or supermarket in your area you don’t like going to.. my dear, go that mall, buy enough chocolates and drink, go home lock yourself indoor, netflix and stay away from social media for that day because you just going to hurt yourself by going to social media, you are going to feel jealous and intimidated and if you don’t have enough cash to buy all this, buy a plastic drink of #100 and cook and if you ain’t a fan of movies, have put together a music playlist for you

  • Miley cyrus (I adore you)
  • Tolani ft reekado banks (ba mi lo)
  • Dua lipa (new rules)
  • Jessie j (flashlight)
  • Ellie Goulding (love me like you do)
  • The beatles (All you need is love)
  • The doors (hello, I love you)
  • Etta james (at last)
  • Sonny and cher (I got you babe)
  • Elvis Presley (love me tender)
  • Rihanna ft mikky (stay)
  • Tjan (Aduke)
  • Nicki Minaj (Bed of lies)
  • Simi (One kain)

Listen to this songs, eat chocolate and drink water if you can’t afford a drink and have a nice valentine day. Do all this and thank me later, I’m patiently waiting for your valentine pictures.

Have a nice valentine day ahead




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  1. Anshula
    February 16, 2019 Reply

    Love the playlist! Such a diverse range of music perfect for Valentine’s Day!

    • theaduni
      February 16, 2019 Reply

      glad you loved it

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