How long are we going to continue like this… seriously, I’m annoyed but not surprised tho because this is Nigeria, nothing surprises me again. We all woke up to the news that the election has been postponed 10 hours to the election.. imagine, 4 years wasn’t enough for INEC to plan the elections, people prepared for this damn election, many people travelled just to vote, many people made last minute shopping yesterday, petrol stations were filled to brim yesterday all in preparation for the election and no one knows what going to happen after the election. All this annoyed me to some extent but the most annoying part are the youth corpers and the people who are supposed to work today that slept on the hard floor, in the midst of mosquitos out in the cold, they risked their lives all in the name of election. I know a lot of people who travelled for this election, some even borrowed money to get foodstuffs because of the election What bothers me now, how much more can we take, how long are we going to continue like this, no one takes us serious, this country is a joke, different stories everyday, it only in Nigeria snake swallows money, it only in Nigeria an aspiring governor goes to the mosque in the area he was born to pray a day to the election, it only in Nigeria a girl mourning the death of her mother is being asked to pay #70,000 (seventy thousand naira) for the death certificate of her mum because she died in a private hospital or she can #10,000 (ten thousand naira) if she wants the fake one, which she later got the death certificate for #7000 (seven thousand naira) all this alone are frustrating and annoying and to think this politicians fly their children out of the country days to election for their safety and you want us to vote for you, you don’t care about us or our safety because it not everyone that can fly their children out.. you tell us to get our PVC’s then you beg us to vote for you but you don’t care about us you only need our votes This simply means no one is safe, because of this postponement many damage has been caused, millions have been lost today, people have events lined up for next week but everything has been postponed because of the postponement of the election. I have a volunteer hangout in march 9 but we have to postpone it again because it was scheduled for last Saturday but the president was in town and we had to postpone to march 9 now we are going to postpone again, there are many cases like this, no one cares about us, our decisions doesn’t matter, you can treat us like we don’t exist and expect us to vote, you can treat us like we don’t have a say in this country because we do, without us there is no Nigeria. This is actually bad and annoying, other countries won’t take us serious when our leaders don’t even take us serious, don’t treat us like we don’t matter because we do. And to think many people are blaming the incumbent party that they planned this, most especially the president but I see no reason to blame the president or the party, the INEC CHAIRMAN is to be blamed here and he owes an explanation and an official apology, he has to address everyone maybe we can forgive him then because you can’t postpone the election 10 hours to the election, if he had postponed this a week earlier the damage will be minimal not much damage would have been caused because one Saturday has caused many damage and millions have been lost but the good thing in all this is that people get to spend time with their family which  is good. And i watched the briefing by the INEC chairman earlier today and he gave reasons why the election was postponed

  • People living with disabilities
  • Fire outbreak at inec office in enugu
  • Bad weather
  • Logistics problems
  • Attacks

But why wait till 2;30am before announcing the postponement, we demand an apology besides, why should we forgive you now Now the big questions now are

  • Are the youth corpers going to come out to participate in the election process next week?
  • Are you going to vote next weekend?
  • Are people going to travel because of the election next weekend?
  • Does our vote even count?
  • Should the INEC CHAIRMAN be impeached?



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  1. Anshula
    February 20, 2019 Reply

    Love this post! Your opinions are so strong, honest, and well-expressed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I definitely felt many emotions while reading this.

    • theaduni
      February 20, 2019 Reply

      Thanks you and this is the life and country i live in..

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