Election, election, election, it has come and go, those of you that carried election matter for head, hope you are ok now and those of you that made new enemies, how is life treating you…the lord is your strength ooo

Enough of the election talk for now, GOOD DEEDS, what does it mean to you, what are good deeds to you, does the little things we do in our homes count, can we call it good deed when we show people or tell people what we do or is it just mere publicity stunt

If you are able to answer this questions kudos to you. To me, good deed is something you do out of love, out of care, out of passion for someone, you can’t be forced to do good. If people are telling you to help a particular person because they feel the person needs help then it isn’t good deed, you just doing for people’s sake. YEAH!!! You can’t know everyone that needs help but there is a way you find out about the person, there’s a way they tell you about the person, not just “HELP THIS PERSON” or he/she needs help NOO you are going to help the person because you don’t want to look bad in front of people but that isn’t good deed, it forced favor.

I watched an interview few weeks back on TV, where an aspiring house of representative was being interviewed. He started good, he started well but he scattered everything when he started talking about the things he has done, people he has helped, he started mentioning names, giving references, naming schools and organization he has helped, when he did those things, we didn’t know about them, he didn’t tell us, the media house didn’t carry it, no pictures were released online.it was good deed then because he did it out of love, out of passion to help those who are in need but the moment he started mentioning names he turned it to publicity stunt, news for the media to share all in the name for a position in government, all in the name of a political post. NAH!!! If you want to help someone, let it be between the both of you, a third party or the public doesn’t have to know, don’t say anything, just do good and keep quiet.

I’m sure most of us heard JAY-Z case all the people he has helped and didn’t say a thing, we didn’t see any picture or post online, he didn’t show it to his million followers on Instagram that is good deed, it was the people he helped that choose to let it out. The moment you help someone and post it on social media, it isn’t good deed it publicity stunt, unless it an organization that needs funding. I know a man that helps people, give people money most especially during Ramadan, he even fund people for HAJJ (muslim pilgrimage) every year, he literally helps people and doesn’t post it anywhere he doesn’t call the media to cover the things he do, he does it low key and God bless him everyday, Few people do it out of love.

The reason I penned this was because someone annoyed me in a public bus few weeks back, saying she did this, she did that then I looked at her from head to toe and I just got aggravated because it was obvious she is lying. Let assume she did it, why you telling us, who asked you, why you showing off and ladies please if you help someone and you have a misunderstanding please don’t tell us the things you’ve done we don’t want to know, we are not interested, let it be between the both of you. I pray to GOD everyday to send me my helper, not someone who will help me and use it against me when I get to the top. When you help someone let it be between the both of you we don’t want to know about it. Good deed doesn’t require publicity in any way, don’t tell your friend, not even your parents, let it be between you and the person you helped.




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