A lot of people complain of creative block, I didn’t count it as something that existed, I tell people that people that people use it as an excuse for laziness or procrastination till I experienced it last week.

At first I thought I was procrastinating at a point I felt it was laziness but I noticed I couldn’t think of anything, there was nothing coming up in my head, no plans, my to do list was empty, I didn’t touch my blog planner for days, I was just blank, no plans then it hit me

“is creative block real”, then I took my phone and googled….

what is creative block ?

According to google, creative block is when you can’t access your inner ability


  • The death of your loved one
  • The end of a relationship
  • Lack of financial support
  • Self -doubt
  • Rejection
  • Anxiety
  • Need for perfection
  • Onset of an illness or medical condition
  • Sudden loss of meaning and purpose in one’s work
  • Negative self-talk or criticism

Then it hit me, because I was experiencing some of the causes above which prompted me to do a little research on types and possible solutions


  • The mental block; This is where you get trapped by your own thinking. You’re so locked into a familiar way of looking at the world that you fail to see other options.

Solution; Change your thinking. Go somewhere new, try and listen to something new.

  • The emotional barrier; This is where you are faced with unknown, you may be scared of what you’ll discover or reveal about yourself and it leads to procrastination

Solution; Face your fear, the worst and come through the other side

  • Work habits that don’t work; Maybe you lost the vibe and enthusiasm that comes with your work

Solution; Step back and take a good look at how you’re working and where the pains are

  • Personal problem; Creativity demands focus and you can’t create anything if you are not focused

Solution; Solve the problem and get back to work

  • Poverty; I’m not just talking money, it could be lack of resources, network but money Is the most important of all

Solution; Save up money for the resources and start working

  • Overwhelmed; This happens when you’ve taken too many commitments, you have too many great ideas that you don’t know where and how to start

Solution; Cut down your commitments and re-strategies

  • Communication breakdown; If you work in a team, tensions are inevitable and can make it hard to do your best work

Solution; You need to be adept at understanding and influencing the right people, however difficult or mystifying they may be

Creative block is real, it turns you into someone else, you become a different person entirely. I hated myself at some point, I felt lost, I felt useless. I literally wished for some people’s life because I didn’t know what to do…

I went to my Instagram page and did a post about it to find possible solutions and a few people replied and shared what works for them… Click here to see post








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  1. Chidera
    March 24, 2019 Reply

    This is happening to me at the moment.
    And it makes me feel less of myself

    • theaduni
      March 24, 2019 Reply

      No.. Don’t feel less of yourself… Think about what’s wrong, restrategies and keep going… You’ve got this

  2. Amaka
    July 19, 2019 Reply

    I deal with creative block sometimes but haven’t in a while. When it comes, I’d just suggest taking a break and not trying to force out content because at the end of the day, quality over quantity!

    • theaduni
      July 19, 2019 Reply

      Yes o, quality over quantity any day, anytime.. And it’s always good to take break when you need it

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