This is me thinking out loud,  I’m I really posting this pictures, I don’t like the picture quality, I don’t even like how I look in this pictures…

This were the thoughts going through my head as I was writing this blog post. I’m literally sensitive to everything around me most especially things I love doing.

The truth is I don’t know why I’m sensitive to everything probably because I’m comparing myself to people out there which makes me doubt my capability

The truth is comparison kills the creativity in you

I showed 2 different people this pictures and they gave me the WOW response but deep down I don’t like the pictures but here I am posting it and exposing my self-doubt… well done ADUNI

Today I would be sharing how I styled my mom jean or boyfriend jean like we call it in two different ways, it was supposed to be three but the third is mine, that’s my bride price, I’m not posting it, at least not now.

The truth is I don’t like the way the third look came out, so we styling it in two ways I guess

LOOK 1 for the corporate gathering be it office, meeting, seminar or conference…

LOOK 2 for casual look or a brunch hangout…

Complete outfit; thrifted

So, are you the office type or the casual type… kindly let me know in the comment section

In conclusion,  Click here to see the way I styled my denim short in three different ways



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  1. Joleisa
    May 2, 2019 Reply

    Of course, they both look good but I do prefer the more formal look. And there’s no need to doubt yourself at all. In fact, not even to compare yourself! We all have different strengths that we bring to the table. We must celebrate the different parts that make us who we are.

    • theaduni
      May 3, 2019 Reply

      Awwwnn.. Thank you… Different strengths… I’m definitely going to be celebrating myself as from today henceforth

    May 2, 2020 Reply

    […] This is the second time I would be styling a Mom jean you can check out the first time i styled a mom jean HERE […]

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