What is your WHY?

A lot of people ask me this, why are you doing this, why are you blogging, what’s in it for you.

The truth is if you had asked me this questions few weeks back i wouldn’t have been able to answer you because i hadn’t figured it out yet, i just knew I wanted to help people in their fashion life, their relationship life and lifestyle basically.


I started blogging because I wanted to help the average Nigeria girl in her fashion life, by letting her know that you can look good without breaking the bank, you can look good rocking your thrift, that there is no such thing as color block, rock your outfits and colors with style and wear them with pride.


I started blogging so I could help the youths with their relationship life, I’m tired of hearing “I didn’t know this could work” among the Nigerian youths and wanted to share places to visit in Lagos with little or no cash and still have a good, nice and fun filled time.

So, basically I started blogging because I wanted to help people in the little way I can and what prompted me to do this is the compliment and motivations I get from people I don’t know


What motivated me to start all this i ask myself, it simple People’s compliment,  I feel pure happiness when people walk up to me, mostly strangers and compliment my outfit, I said to myself I don’t have to limit myself to people who see me every day or people around me, the world need to see this.

I got used to people compliments, so when I go out and no one compliment my outfit I know something is wrong somewhere so I sit down and re- create that particular outfit.


The truth is I just figured out my why, because initially when I started blogging, I just blog to keep myself busy and keep my mind of things that bother me, who would have thought it will be something I will enjoy and love doing.

The thing is no matter what you do, the craft you into, once you know your WHY, you will discover more sides to your creativity, you unlock new sides, sides you didn’t know you had and the most interesting part is you learn every day, every second, every minute, your thinking will change, you won’t think like you used to, you think big, you think wide and you make mistakes but that is the fun of it because you can always tell people and laugh about it later

It OK to make mistakes, but you know what don’t let your mistakes limit you, your mistakes are your stepping stone to greatness, don’t stop when you make mistake, don’t even think about it, once you know your WHY it going to push you, your WHY is your biggest motivator


Don’t expect the people around you to cheer you on, some will, most won’t… yes, I said it. Most people are waiting for you to fail and come running to them for help, PLEASE!!!

I beg you don’t, if you lose everything in life never lose your respect

Your biggest motivation is from strangers, people you don’t know existed and once the people around you see how far you’ve gone, they will come back and claim to be your friend, they will share throwback pictures and bring back old memories, they just want to be part of your life again, but you know what don’t push them away, don’t change towards them because deep down you know where they belong

Find your WHY and test your creativity

Outfit details;

Chiffon Gown @theaduni_clothing

Sneakers: thrifted

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  1. I love how honest your posts are! I can’t agree more with the part about most of the people who cheer you on will be strangers. That’s so true. I’ve definitely had that unfortunate experience with friends (to the point where I never tell anyone I know I have a blog). And the part of knowing the why is so crucial! It definitely is a great pick-me-up and motivating factor!

    1. I was once like you but not anymore because when i tell people around me that I’m a blogger they just laugh so i stopped paying attention to them and now it seems like they all get it… Strangers are your biggest motivator

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