It seems just like yesterday when we were all counting down to Ramadan, when we were all anticipating the blessed month and now it has come and gone.. Alhamdulilah

eid outfit

A lot of people wished to witness this month, we even started with some people but they ain’t here anymore, some are here but not in good health and we are here in good health, wealth and peace of mind… Alhamdulilah

Ramadan has come and gone, a lot of people did good, people turned a new leaf, people prayed, the less privileged were fed and people having misunderstanding reconciled..

eid outfit inspo

A lot of good deeds were done, people moved closer to their creator, promises were made and fulfilled some weren’t but most were.

During this Ramadan i promised myself to do a lot but i couldn’t because it was beyond me but i did most of it and I’m happy with that.

Eid outfit inspo

eid outfit inspo


If anything, this year Ramadan taught me perseverance and to appreciate myself more, i realized have been looking down on myself and limiting myself to where i am, i won’t say I’m beyond it but have surely improved… If you get what i mean..

I was taught to enjoy the company of the people around me while they are still here and to make do with things available at the moment… I was taught to Make reasonable plans and work with it.. I shouldn’t pressurise myself because i want to satisfy people..NO, we all have our pace when things are going to work out for us.

Eid outfit inspoEid outfit inspo


I’m grateful to be among those who witnessed it in good health

I’m grateful for peace of mind

I’m grateful for accomplishments made during Ramadan

Eid outfit inspo

Eid outfit inspo

Have been pondering about this, going back and forth because of the good deeds done during Ramadan, i thought i was in different country because everything seemed different, i mean literally everything, people changed, everyone became nice and calm, people shared food and people spent a lot of money helping people and giving alms during Ramadan

Eid outfit inspo

Eid outfit inspo

Now,my question is
Are we supposed to be good only during Ramadan
Are you leaving your good deed behind
What are taking and making it your daily habit from Ramadan

Eid outfit inspo


Happy Eid-up-fitr Guys, may we live to witness more of it in good health and wealth

Eid bag inspo

Eid outfit inspo

Outfit details;

2 piece and scarf from @theaduni_clothing

Bag; thrifted

Shoe; thrifted


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