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Lest, i forget, HAPPY NEW MONTH people

We are in the second half of the year already, what are the things we learnt in the previous month as for me, the last week of june was the longest and craziest week in this year so far, from been hurt by a very close pal to wanting something badly and wasn’t able to get it, i over think then i cried for days and end up hating everyone around me.

Jjt park ikeja

I was stagnant and frustrated by my craft, instagram wasn’t helping issues, we are in the second half already and i haven’t accomplished what i planned, I’m way behind my goals for the first 6 month of the year.

I needed a break from everything, a place to restore my sanity, a break from all my worries and i saw a picture of this place on the status of one of my whatsapp contact and i decided to visit, even though it a day from my worries i decided to visit the JOHNSON JAKANDE TINUBU PARK(JJT)

Jjt park ikeja

The park was created by the former Governor of lagos state, AKINWUNMI AMBODE to honour the past Governors of Lagos state, which explains why their faces are all over the placeJjt park ikeja


Jjt park ikeja

Jjt park ikeja

I visited the park on the last day of june and it was amazing had a lot of fun and met new people, the park is perfect for meeting new people and hopefully become friends

The JTT park is the number 1 park on the mainland now, you know why because everything in the park is free. Yeah!!! You read correctly free except for the things sold at the Cafeteria, I didn’t go to the cafeteria tho because foods are allowed in the park, so i cooked from home, so i don’t have much to say about it.

jjt park ikeja

When you plan on visiting the park, just keep two things in mind
• Free entry
• Free wifi

Yeah, you read right free wifi that works because i used it for a while before the park became crowded and the wifi was slow but it works tho, this park has so much to offer with no hidden chargesJjt park ikeja

Jjt park ikeja

The park is located on the Governors road right across the Lagos State House of Assembly, the park is a perfect place for get together, meetings even birthdays, i can’t count the number of people that celebrated their birthday on sunday, there were birthdays in every corner i to turn to .

The park is also the perfect place for photoshoot because a lot of couples came for their pre-wedding shoot, some even came for birthday shoot while some came to shoot videos, a church came to shoot video there, i don’t know if there’s a fee for photoshoot or video shoot tho but i think there’s a fee for bringing in professional cameras

Jjt park ikeja

Jjt park ikeja

The park is a perfect place for school excursion because there’s a lot of things to play with like the chess game, you can even play under the fountain

Jjt park ikeja

Jjt park ikeja

The park has so much to offer with no fee, i wouldn’t know the right day to visit tho but one thing i know is, it was filled to brim on sunday, we even got our faces painted.Jjt park ikeja

The park was cleaned every minute by the cleaners even the toilet was shining. The hut tent are beautiful and cool, the park is very spacious and beautiful.

Jjt park ikeja

I could go on and on talking about the park but i wouldn’t want to bore you, so i made a video just for you.. Watch below

I would rate the park 5/5, it a park you should visit if you stay in lagos state or you get to visit lagos state.
It’s my number 1 in lagos now
Have a great month ahead

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  1. ahh that park looks so cool, it has so many fun things. I’m glad you had a good time!
    ps don’t worry about your goals, the year is not over yet! You can achieve anything you put your mind to xx

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