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What’s up people, I’m literally screaming in my head, because it been an amazing week so far even though yesterday didn’t started on a Good note but it ended well and I’m thankful for that.

I’m happy and motivated to do more because people recognise me with my outfit and I’m super excited about that, 2 different ladies walked up to me yesterday at an event and commended my outfit, one of them even said she recognized me by my outfit that I’m one of the people she knows that can pull mixing different pattern of cloth together and still look good, her comment got me grinning till another lady walked up to me saying she read my previous review about the event that was why she attended this year..

Neon outfit

Click here to see the picture of what i wore yesterday

I’m blown FAM… Be expecting more beautiful, colorful and creative outfits from me, so help me God

Neon outfit

With that been said, see who finally caught the NEON trend, this girl( yay), have been seeing different shades of neon and styling , not a fan of trends and not a fan of flashy colors that too GREEN, i don’t think i own any green color outfit but now i do

Neon palazzo

Neon palazzo

I have been literally dodging the NEON trend, pretending not to see it, i tried FAM, i really did but my urge to try new things and putting outfits together made me do this which i loved the outcome, say hello to the latest NEON GANG MEMBER in town, turns out Neon Green was made for dark skinned Girls..

Neon palazzo

Neon outfit

  • Do you follow fashion trends
  • If yes, what’s your take on neon fashion

In conclusion, you can style your neon outfit just like i styled mine or you could replace the heels with sneakers depending on your style. I know I’m more of a sneakers girl tho but it doesn’t hurt to change your style..

Click here to see how i styled one of my palazzo pants with sneakers

Outfit details

2 piece from @theaduni_clothing

Heels: Lagos market

Earring: mum own it

Scarf: Gift from mum

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  1. you look stunning in that color! You also wear it with so much confidence, which is what everything comes down to in the end. I have this neon yellow sweatshirt that my boyfriend bought me, god knows why, but maybe I’ll throw it on!

  2. Well, looks great on you so fuck yeah! What a power play.

    I had a friend who wore neon lipsticks. I tried it a couple of times with her and it was so much fun!

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