Finally posting after procrastinating for days, procrastinating literally makes you feel less of yourself and probably hate yourself, most of all you start comparing yourself to other people online..SHRUGS

Who says content creation is easy, i swear it isn’t, Don’t be deceived people but if you love what you do, you definitely won’t give up, it wasn’t easy coming up with this write up.. I literally went online and was reading different fashion bloggers blog post just to get an idea of what to write and how to start this blog postBootcut pants

I Read the first one, OK let me start like this, read another one, this one looks better, i literally read different blog posts just to start this blog post, it got to a point i used hash tags on Instagram to discover new blogs and read but none of it felt like my style, it felt like i was copying other people which isn’t good for a content creator if you want to stand out..

Bootcut pant

My point is never copy other people’s work or style of writing, it OK to read their post as an inspiration to write yours but never copy, if you really want to stand out and be a role model to others.. Never copy other people’s work, don’t copy their writing style just be yourself

Bootcut pants

Oh, lest i forget HAPPY NEW MONTH PEOPLE and guess what it’s ileya month(a Muslim festival where we kill ram), and am super excited about it already, going to travel, finally going to see my junior sister, i haven’t seen her for the past one year.. Don’t judge me please, and most importantly am going to eat MEAT, i just pray i don’t break another teeth like i did last year

Boocut pant

Bootcut pants

Today, i would be sharing the latest fashion piece to my wardrobe, the BOOT CUT pant, as a lover of flared pant, i literally fell in love with the pants, it’s the pant of the season, have seen it in jeans and i decided to make mine in prints just because i love AFRICAN PRINTS.

This wasn’t how i planned on styling it but it’s beyond me, maybe just maybe i will make another one and style it the way i want, i have like million ways to style a BOOTCUT PANT in my head.. Fingers crossed

Bootcut pants

Boot cut pants

Bootcut pants

Pictures and the breeze didn’t do justice to the pants, it was really hard snapping this pant, i almost gave up at a point which explains why I’m just putting this post up now.

Bootcut pant

Outfit details
Bootcut pant @theaduni_clothing
Top: Thrift shopping
Mules: Mum own it
  • Do you follow fashion trends
  • What’s your take on the bootcut pant

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