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Hey Guys, it’s been a while i posted here because it has been hard coming up with contents to post here, literally nothing has been coming up

Anyways, here i am. Hope you guys enjoyed your long/short holiday and how was ileya( a muslim festival where we kill ram) in your side, who ate meat, who didn’t, i still have some i can email to you..HOW I BUILT MY SELF CONFIDENCE// QUICK LIFE UPDATE

Today, i will be sharing what i have been up to and how the past weeks have been with me, so grab a popcorn and enjoy

First Saturday in the month of August started with a party, i attended a wedding looking all PENG and Chic. I went with the intention of finding husband, looking beautiful in my simple but elegant dress, a lot of people loved my dress and commented on it and a lot of people snapped me including the brides mother and the wedding photographer, the way my head was swelling ehn, it was God’s Grace that didn’t let it burst but i didn’t see husband thoHOW I BUILT MY SELF CONFIDENCE// QUICK LIFE UPDATE



The Following day, which was a Sunday, i attended a shopping party looking beautiful and stylish as always, Lagos traffic humbled me at some point, i almost turned back home but i couldn’t let my dressing go to waste, the most painful part was the debit alerts but it was for a good cause

Low key, i was planning and designing outfit for Eid, running errands and at the same time helping mum with her work, everything was overwhelming and i wasn’t thinking straight which explains why i couldn’t come up with a blog post last week


Last Saturday, i was on a road trip travelling to my mum hometown for ileya( a festival where we kill ram), excited about the meat and getting to see my sister after a year

Sunday was Eid and i brought my fashion A game to live, i was the color Queen on Eid Day.. Feel free to call me the queen of colors. My outfit stirred up a lot of comments online good and bad comments. Someone called me color color, someone said rainbow girl, someone even called me power ranger but the comments didn’t move me at all, the comments actually gingered me to do more, i felt important because people noticed me and they’ll remember me when they see something similar to my outfit


The truth is, the comments actually made me write this blog post, one of my followers on Instagram said and i quote

” Wow!!! You get mind o, these colors isn’t for the weak ”

Her comment made me proud of myself and what i believe in

People who have been following my blog post and people who knows me very well knows I’m the color queen, i literally play with colors, this is one of the reasons i started blogging… Read more HERE

I tell people what’s fashion without confidence, what’s fashion without being comfortable with what you are wearing.

Trust me when i say this, self confidence is hard, you can’t build your self confidence over night, not even in days or months, not even in a year, it took me years to build mine, some it takes forever because it’s like stages in their life


Let me share a short story or should i say how i built my self confidence

Where i come from, where i have lived all my life 90% of the people there thinks exactly the same when it comes to fashion, i wouldn’t say they ain’t exposed when it comes to fashion but if you ain’t wearing what most of them are wearing, you know nothing about fashion

It was really hard for me dressing the way i wanted to because words get to me easily and I’m short tempered, so i wear what they think is right to avoid abuses till i started working on my self confidence.

It was a process for me tho, it didn’t just happen, i started dressing the way i wanted to and plug in earpiece listening to nothing and walk down the street and i hear the comments till i got used to them.

So i stopped using earpiece and i dress the way i want to, wear my clothes with confidence and strut down the street and everywhere with pride, but that didn’t stop them from talking, i just smile at them and pretend as if nothing happened because I’m comfortable and proud of what I’m wearing and people noticed me when i pass, that’s self confidence, they’ll surely remember me in their Gossips

You don’t need other people’s approval to live your life or do what you do as long as you are comfortable and proud of what you do or who you are, that’s self confidence

“Self confidence isn’t easy, it’s not something you can build in days or months, not even years, it literally takes forever to build but when you do you’ll be proud of yourself”


Once you have self confidence, you have it all, you’ll own up to your mistakes and you’ll be proud of yourself because you believed in yourself when no one did, that’s self confidence

Hearty Thank you to everyone that commented on my pictures, you guys made me believe in myself more, you guys are the real MVP

Life update, i may or may not be working on my brand, but I’ll really appreciate it if you can answer the questions on the survey I’m running online HERE



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  1. Ogunyemi Oluwabukola
    August 17, 2019 Reply

    Self confidence is very important.
    Your pictures are lovely.

    • theaduni
      August 17, 2019 Reply

      Thank you

  2. Sarah
    August 17, 2019 Reply

    Your wedding guest outfit is so lovely

    • theaduni
      August 17, 2019 Reply

      Thank you

  3. Wumi ‘Tuase
    August 17, 2019 Reply

    Confidence is key. Don’t let anyone pull you down, if playing with bright colors is your style then do you! And always check for ways to improve your style, pictures, poses etc.
    Well done.

    • theaduni
      August 17, 2019 Reply

      Yes o… Confidence is key

    August 19, 2019 Reply

    We just have to keep working on our confidence.

    Lovely blog. Would visit again 🙂

    • theaduni
      August 20, 2019 Reply

      Yes girl, getting our self confidence is a continuous process and thank you for stopping by

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