Hey Guys.. It’s my birthday today.. Happy Birthday to me even though i feel old already and I’m not even close to my dreams

If you had asked me few years back, where i see myself in the next 6 years, i would have painted you a nice picture of myself but now i don’t even know where i would be in the 1 month

I should be making money as a doctor by now according to my plan in the last 6 years.. Guess what I’m not even in school.. Oh well, life goes on

I ask myself what have i been doing for the past 6 years, what went wrong, where did i go wrong, then i realized i have been doing what my parents wanted me to do, i have been doing what my family think is the best for me, i have been listening to everyone but i didn’t listen to myself

Do i regret it.. Yes, i do and i feel sad when i think about everything

I have been blaming a lot of people for so long but i stopped when i started doing things i wanted to do… Well, i can’t really blame them because i live in a community where everyone must do what every other person does… Even i believed that was everything life has to offer

I wanted to be 2go famous one time, moved to Facebook and i thought i had become a superstar already.. I thought that was everything in Life.. Oh, well.. Who’s to blame

I’m a year older today and I’m not even excited about it because this wasn’t how i planned everything… I should be enjoying life and cruising around town with my girls now and probably planning to get married

Guess what, I’m not even in a relationship which is good because i am not ready for the mental stress.

I have tried this relationship thing 5 times now and it has been there.. I even brought my guard down sometimes last week to try this friendship thing maybe it would lead to a relationship but uncle was threatening me.. Like who does that, that’s by the way

Don’t rush into any relationship because your friends are dating

You probably wondering why I’m not in school for those who is just following my blog.. People who had been with me since i started already know what went wrong

You can find out HERE ,i have been trying ever since, i am still trying… My education life is a movie, i would share in an interview someday

Why am i writing this, even i don’t know.. I was bored at the saloon on Friday and this blog post came to live

Happy Birthday to Me..
Wishing myself long life and prosperity..

In other news i would be at the GtbankFashionWeekend next weekend.. Let’s Link up dears..

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  1. Happy birthday to you darling wishing you many more years ahead in good health and wealth may Almighty Allah answer All your secret prayers……

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