Black Friday Season is upon us again, where we get what we’ve always wanted at a discounted price and that too of good quality. There is this saying that there is a limit to everything even promo/free items hurt us in a way. Yeah, we all love freebies but there is a limit to everything

Black Friday is here, we all want to shop till we get tired but our bank account will suffer for it. As we all know, anything from November we are in the month of Black Friday from Jumia Black Friday which started already on the 8th of November till 25th of November, followed by TravelStart Black Friday which starts from 25th  of November to 2nd of December


You know if you plan this Black Friday deals well, you’ll get most of the things you want at a discounted price even travel deals, are you thinking what I’m thinking come 25th of this month you get amazing Flight Deals on TravelStart

Like I said earlier, Jumia Black Friday started already last Friday and I’m sure most of you got your Shopping Carts Full already and it’s already affecting your bank account but you still want to shop more, please dear, DON’T.


You are already thinking of touching your savings to shop more but it is going to affect the money you saved up for your travelling expense, don’t even think about it. You already planned your end of the year getaway with your family, friends even your colleagues. Your dream trip is ON, you are already seeing yourself in the abroad but your bank account is crying for help, not to worry TravelStart got you covered

Do you know you can get amazing Flight Deals on TravelStart as from the 25th of this month till the 2nd of December. Yeah, you read right, mind blowing deals on TravelStart in 2 weeks from now.


In the midst of all this Black Friday Deals comes with the Festive Season and a whole lot of expenses. No one told us Adult life is expensive, we were all eager to grow up and now this.

I can totally relate to this adulting life, it comes with its own billing from family and friends but then you still want to look good and shop till you drop during Black Friday. So, how do you balance this or should I say how do we balance this

I thought hard and wide about this and I was able to come with some tips that I think will help us get through Black Friday Deals because Black Friday will come and go like it does every year, you wouldn’t want to be lamenting after Black Friday


Tips for Surviving Black Friday

  • Make a list of things you want to buy
  • Set a limit on your debit card
  • Get a Shopping Buddy
  • Don’t buy what you don’t need because it’s cheap
  • Don’t buy to impress others be it your friends or family (Don’t let social media stress you)
  • Buy tools that would improve your craft
  • Skip Black Friday, if there’s nothing you need to buy
  • Don’t shop because other people are shopping

In conclusion, Black Friday Season is upon us again like I said earlier, let’s make most out of this amazing deals, most especially if you are planning a trip out of the country TravelStartng got you covered as soon as their Black Friday starts on the 25th of this month, you will get mind blowing and amazing Flight Deals from TravelStartng


Don’t say I didn’t do you any good in 2019



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  1. Brooke Spradlin
    November 17, 2019 Reply

    Thanks for the inspiration!!! I always take the opportunity to shop for self when I don’t need to just because of the deals!!! I need to save!!!

    • theaduni
      November 17, 2019 Reply

      Saving is the way to be sane with all this expenses

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