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Dust Cobwebs!!!

It’s been a month since i posted here, it wasn’t intentional believe me when i say this.. Everything moved fast, everything was impromptu, i had no choice, no option but i thank God for life

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

You probably wondering what have been up to.. Oh well, i have been trying to make my life better, trying new things.

I’m scared about this whole journey but i know God got me, hopefully i will be able to share this journey with you all and i pray it doesn’t end in tears

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

It’s been forever since i went out because i have not been in Lagos and ever since i came back, i have been busy but i finally had the chance to go out today

I have been wanting to visit this mysterious place since May but i didn’t know how to get there.. Funny enough it was my Mum that saw the place and told me about it

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

She was like she has seen a picture spot for me on the water to snap pictures

So i began the search for the place but i wasn’t able to figure out the place till last month when i discovered it

You probably wondering where I’m talking about 

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

If you pass 3rd Mainland Bridge often, there’s a spot on the left hand side on the water with the sign LOVE LAGOS it’s white and red and you’ve been wondering how to get there, worry no more i got you covered

To start with, the name of the place is ILAJE WATERFRONT TERMINAL BARIGA and it’s a cool spot, trust me when i say thisIlaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

How to Get to Ilaje Waterfront Terminal, Bariga

From Oshodi, take a bus going to Gbagada New Garage(#100), you drop at the last but stop, then you take Marwa, (Tricycle) going to ilaje it’s(#50).

When you get to ilaje take a bike and tell the bike man you are going to Bariga Waterfront(#100), you will be dropped at the gate

You can actually walk from ilaje to the waterfront because it’s a straight walk down the road but if you are going for the first time, it’s advisable you take a bike

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

What to do at Ilaje Waterfront Terminal Bariga

  • You can go there to relax
  • It’s a perfect place for pictures
  • You can cruise on the boat (i didn’t because it was a Sunday and the boat cruise office wasn’t opened)

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga


Food ain’t allowed, not even sachet water. No gate fee or hidden charges

The Security men there are friendly in their own way except one of the security man, he was so rude and annoying, i had to report him to his boss.

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

I didn’t have the intention of reporting him but he was so annoying and he was threatening me that i should look at his face that if they sack him he’s going to come for me

His boss spoke nicely to me and apologized, so am good

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

Oh lest i forget, you aren’t allowed to sit on the Love Lagos sign because it’s made of Plastic and that was the reason the rude security man shouted at one girl and asked the girl to get out

That was what annoyed me the most, how can you shout at a girl and be shouting get out all because she sat down on the sign.

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

Obviously the girl was scared of the man and i even asked for an audience with the man but he ignored me, no one ignores me and goes free

His boss said they are working on the no sitting down on the LOVE LAGOS because there is no sign/notice anywhere 

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

I would rate the place 7/10 because there are no activities there and I’m not sure if there is a cafeteria there. It is a well spacious space for event and  has a nice view

Have you heard about this place before?
Have you been there before?
Are you planning of visiting anytime soon?
Kindly let me know in the comment section

Lastly, i will try my best not to ghost here anymore, so help me God because this is the only thing going well in my life right now.

Just because i love you all, i made a video, watch HERE

Ilaje waterfront Terminal, Bariga

Outfit details

White Dansiki: Dad wardrobe

Sneakers: My Brother wardrobe

Bag and Sunglasses: Lagos Market





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  1. Segun Adewale
    December 24, 2019 Reply

    Wow that’s was so beautiful…
    Please I wanna ask, can you shoot pictures there with a camera… Cos am a photographer, and I think that’s will a nice place for me.

    • theaduni
      December 24, 2019 Reply

      I’m not sure but i think you should be able to because there isn’t a notice against the use of camera.. So i think you are good

  2. jk bloom
    December 29, 2019 Reply

    It seems like you had an interesting day to say the least. Great to read your post.

    • theaduni
      December 31, 2019 Reply

      Thank you

    September 7, 2021 Reply

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