My people how una dey, it’s a new month today. The last time I posted here was on the 1st of February and here I am on the 1st of march. You can catch up on my last post here

I’m here conjuring outfits in my head, imagining outfits that would look good on me, planning outfits and smiling sheepishly all because of my imaginations

Oh well, it’s all in my head because where I am right now won’t even allow me to try new things, I’m stuck in basic fashion

Sometimes I want to show off my skin but then I remember where I come from, where I stay, where I am at the moment they all keep pulling me back from being free

I see outfits I want to try online, I look for outfit ideas online but I can’t wear most of what I want and like

I have been tagged as a modest fashion blogger, so here I am dressing the way people want me to or what people think I should look like

I live based on other people’s expectation

Little did they know I’m human too, I want to wear a crop top and a flirty skirt.

I want to wear a see through dress but everything and everyone is stopping me from being free

The questions in my head keep holding me back

What will my parents say if they see me wearing this?
What will the people looking up to me say?
What will the society say ?

I want to try new things, I want to evolve in my fashion sense.

I always dream of having a room full of cloth, a wardrobe full of shoes mostly sneakers and I know it will happen soon

I’m here on my bed, stuck in my thoughts and penning down my emotions because society won’t let me to be free.

I’m living the way society wants me to, I’m living on other people’s expectations of me but not anymore

I have my own life
I’m done living the way people want me to
I want to be free

But then, can I really be free at this stage in my life

I can’t wait to be free from where I am right now, I want this journey to end in tears of joy, I feel like I’m living other people’s life, I just want to get over this quickly

I want to be free so badly because it’s affecting a lot of things in my life right now, I want my life back but like they say Good things takes time


Outfit details
2 piece outfit @shop.theaduni__
Sneakers: a store on IG
Bag: My Friend own it

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