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A trip to olumo

Today, I would be sharing my hiking experience with you guys, I am so excited about this

I visited the most talked about place in OGUN STATE, the popular rock in Africa history.

A trip to olumo

I went hiking at the Olumo rock in Abeokuta on Thursday 19th of March 2020 with my friends and it was fun, despite the fact that it was impromptu, we enjoyed every bit of our time at the tourist center

A trip to olumo


Our tour started from the cave where people hid during the war and it was founded by a Benin hunter, he brought people there to hid during the war when they were shouting Egbawa o Abeokuta la de si (help us, we are under the rock)

The hunter named them Egba People and they hid under the cave for 300 years.

A trip to olumo

There are 5 holes inside the cave where they cooked for 300 years, the more the grind on the floor, the deeper the holes get

After the war, they consulted the oracle if they should go back to their town or remain in the cave and the oracle told them to stay there since that was the place they conquered the war

Which brought about the name Abeokuta

A trip to olumo

Moving on, we saw the place where they make yearly sacrifice which is conducted either by the Alake of Egba Land or the Chief priest where they use foreigners for the sacrifice then

But due to civilization they use a big black cow for the sacrifice now. People go to the shrine for 3 things now Abelowo(Money), Abelomo(Child) and Abelowo(Wealth)

A trip to olumo

When their prayers have been answered they go back to thank the idol with a bird(éyé awo) and a bottle of schnapps and the name of the shrine is ORISA OLUMO CHAMBER

Only one person enters the chamber yearly for the sacrifice and that’s the person making the sacrifice.

The person prays for the wellbeing of the people there, prays for the safety of the people climbing the rock not to fall down and they should be more wealthy

A trip to olumo

There is an iroko tree on the mountain which is 3000 years old.
A trip to olumo

From anywhere in the town, just take a cab going to Ikija and drop in front of the tourist complex. I was already in city, so I spent 150 from my location to the resort

A trip to olumo


The gate fee to enter is #500 for children and #1000 for adults but we didn’t go in the normal way.

We entered through the back gate where we paid #500 instead of #1000 and #200 each for our tour guide making it a total of #3500 for our stay at the tourist complex

Is it illegal YES, it is but we saved money
A trip to olumo
  • Learn about the history of the town
  • Learn the origin of Yoruba
  • Take beautiful pictures
  • Go there to relax
  • Enjoy the view at the top of the rock

A trip to olumo

A trip to olumo


There are 3 different ways to get to the top of the rock, either you climb a narrow corner up, you use the staircase or the elevator but the elevator isn’t working

It is advisable to use the staircase because it Is the only safe way to get on top of the rock

A trip to olumo

The view on the rock is amazing and beautiful. You get to see the first central mosque, the first Anglican church in Nigeria and the first NTA mast

The breeze on the rock is on another level, if care is not taken, the breeze will take your phone from you

A trip to olumo

  • Someone that love adventure
  • Someone that one to go hiking
  • Someone that want to learn the history of Egba people

A trip to olumo

A trip to olumo

I would rate the place 7/10 because most of the things there ain’t in good condition but you still get to chill and take amazing pictures

Just because i love you guys, i made a video.. Watch video Here

Stay safe people, Covid-19 is getting real and social distance is advisable during this period and keep your surrounding clean



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