Hey Guys, it’s been a while I posted here and I am so sorry about this, I guess I was waiting for the perfect Time to post here but it never came

This is going to be my last post for the year and it’s going to be really short filled with loss and gratitude

My year in Review

Who would have thought that I will put an end to what I loved most this year, it hurts but it’s for the best

2020 ends today and I don’t even know how I feel to be honest because tomorrow is another day to me

I don’t get the hype about the New Year hopefully I will one day

My year in Review

It’s so funny how I was so excited about the new year, I guess we were all excited. I thought 2020 was the year for me

I have been looking forward to 2020 and been hearing vision 2020 for as long as i can remember, only to get this

I brought my whole energy and plans for the new year only for 2020 to bring in another plan for us all

2020 shocked us all

My Year in Review

2020 was the year, no cap. The year I cried the most, the year I lost the most, the year I stopped bothering myself about anything or making plans

I made new friends and lost some. I went out of my comfort zone this year, I learnt to enjoy my own company

I just wanted to Live or should I say I only lived in 2020

My Year in Review

I didn’t accomplish anything this year, I even stopped everything I was doing, no business, no job, I just lived this year

The only thing am grateful for this year is Family and Friends.

I didn’t lose any of my close family or friends this year and that is the only highlight of 2020, the only good thing that happened to me in 2020

My Year in Review

It’s so funny that amidst all this a lot of people still look up to me, like I do not even have anything

2020 broke me but made me stronger at the same time

My Year in Review

Whew, I guess this is it, as from today Shoptheaduni cease to exist, I am shutting it down. I do not own a fashion brand anymore and I believe it’s for the best

Please don’t ask why am shutting it down because It hurts but something’s just have to go

Like I said earlier, I learned, I lost, I cried but most of all, I lived

My Year in Review

Thanks for sticking with me through out this year and cheers to an amazing 2021.

Happy New Year in Advance Fam

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