He went into a coma and Jenny was broken, her world came crashing down before her very eyes. She stayed by Kevin’s side throughout his hospitalization and Frank helped her out by offering her comfort and running errands for her.

Kevin was in a coma for a year and still counting, the doctors advised Jenny to move on with her life because it seemed to them that Kevin’s chances of recovering were slim and even if he did recover, he would most likely lose his memory.

Because of this, Jenny made the hard decision to leave town. She moved to a new town to start afresh because of the memories (good and bad) she had in her previous town.


She left Kevin in the care of his parents, and they supported her move to another town. Jenny moved to a new town and Frank followed, they got closer and things started becoming less awkward between them.

They decided to give it a shot and start afresh

Meanwhile, Kevin woke up from his coma after two long hard years of fighting for his life. He was still recovering and learning to live again whilst Jenny and Frank’s relationship blossomed.

Before long, they decided to settle down and agreed to marry each other.

Jenny decided to get married in Yasville because she grew up there, infact her family still lived there and she felt it was right for her to get married there.

She made the long journey home to tell her parents and to begin preparations for her big day

Things went smoothly and the preparation for the wedding was in full swing

They had by then heard that Kevin had woken up from his coma, and though they were happy for their friend, they couldn’t help but feel apprehensive, they were worried about what Kevin would say when he heard that they were to get married.

Kevin had not returned to Yasville by that time but there were rumors that he would return soon.

He eventually did return a day before Frank and Jenny were to tie the knot but nobody knew he had returned.

On the wedding day, Jenny reminisced about her life with Kevin, she remembered all their memories together.

She laughed when she realized that it was Frank she was getting married to and not Kevin. But she consoled herself with the fact that Kevin must have moved on and therefore she ought to do the same.

People agreed that Jenny was the most beautiful bride they had ever seen and the groom wasn’t looking bad himself.

Frank stood at the altar with tears in his eyes while Jenny walked towards him with her radiant smile and eye catching gown.

When the time to exchange rings came, the whole church stood still as Kevin walked in, He looked depressed and sadness was clearly etched in the tired lines on his face.

Everyone was shocked and surprised to see him because no one knew he was back in town, different thoughts were going through their minds


They wondered what would happen next because nobody expected Jenny to get married to someone else, they knew of the connection Kevin shared with Jenny.

Everyone expected him to cause problems at the wedding but he did the opposite, Kevin sat down quietly and let the ceremony finish peacefully.

At the wedding reception, when he was called upon to toast the couple, he said

“I wouldn’t miss my friends wedding for anything in the world, even though they didn’t want to tell me about it because they felt I’d be mad at them but I’m not, I am so happy for them”

But even a deaf man could hear the pain behind each word and they felt sorry for him.

Jenny and Frank lived happily ever after and later became parents to three beautiful children ( two girls and a boy).

Kevin on the other hand, fell in love with a vivacious young lady named Samantha on one of his trips, they got married, had kids of their own and lived happily ever after too.


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