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After they graduated from high school, they applied to a university outside Yasville and to their joy, were both accepted. They made new friends and got closer.

Jenny loved art and painting and she decided to make something out of it, instead of leaving it as a hobby so she started attending art fairs and her love for art grew day by day and Kevin gave her his full support because it was what she loved doing and he loved her so dearly.

She reciprocated by supporting his dream too

They became so close and knew literally everything about each other, their movements, who they meet, who they talk to, everything and anything.

Jenny went to one of her art exhibition where she met Frank and they got along well.

Apparently Frank has been in the art business forever and he had many art business and work to his name.

Frank and Jenny exchanged cards and discussed business together.

As expected, jenny told Kevin about Frank and she introduced them to each other and they all got along well

Frank and Kevin became quite close and so did Jenny, there was no misunderstanding between the three of them, everything was going smoothly.

After University the three of them were still friends and the three of them were already established in their respective fields and Jenny and Kevin relationship grew stronger and better

Frank and Jenny went on an art fair in another state for a week and Frank began to act awkwardly. He was all over Jenny which wasn’t normal and that made Jenny uncomfortable, she confronted Frank and he apologized.

When they got back home, Jenny didn’t say anything about it, neither did Frank but Kevin noticed Jenny was avoiding Frank which was unusual as she had always been welcoming.

Kevin made up stories in his head about what could have caused the friction between his girlfriend and Frank.

He accused Jenny of cheating on him with Frank, this surprised Jenny so much, she couldn’t fathom where his anger was coming from.

She felt really bad and cried her eyes out for days because she felt that Kevin didn’t trust her after all the years they had been together.

Kevin stopped being friends with Frank and he started acting cold towards Jenny but she kept trying to patch things up with Kevin and Frank tried to help out whenever he could.

But the more Jenny was trying to get close to Kevin with the help of Frank, the more he got angry. Whenever he saw them together, he became inexplicably annoyed at the both of them and this carried on for months.

Then one day, Kelvin got himself really drunk one night and had a fatal accident

The Question for the second episode Is

What do you think happened after Kevin got into an accident?

Your answer should be dropped HERE and follow the instructions there

You get to win this Wristwatch


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  1. Oluwaferanmi Ranti-Oni
    February 11, 2021 Reply

    I’m so eager to read the next episode 😍😍

    • theaduni
      February 13, 2021 Reply

      Can’t wait for you to read it dear

    February 12, 2021 Reply

    […] Incase you missed the First Episode, you can check it out HERE and the Second Episode HERE […]

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