Hi! I'm Akinyemi Barakat and I'm super excited to have you here

I am a creative writer with little to no interest in reading (weird right, considering I am running a blog)

A die hard Fashion Lover, stylist, a fashion creative, my Instagram page says it all, you should check it out  HERE

I designed and made most of my outfits

I also enjoy creating amazing content, living life and visiting places(mostly for the pictures)

Fashion and Lifestyle

TheAduni is a personal fashion and lifestyle brand, where I will be sharing interesting, personal and relatable content you’d love and enjoy

I will be documenting things lifestyle and fashion, motivation and a little bit of personal branding

TheAduni is a fashion and lifestyle blog birthed to instill self confidence and courage in females through fashion with the use of colors

TheAduni inspires you to live your life, pursue your dreams, learn, express, feel, experiment things and become the best version of yourself

about ME

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More About me

I love Afrocentric fashion so much that you’d see me mixing African prints to make beautiful designs and outfits.

Helping, encouraging and support people a lot, you will always see coming through for the people I love and supporting them in every way I can.

Talking to people if it’s about personal branding or business and I love providing solutions to people’s problem if not all the solution some of it, I help in the little way I can.

I am not a fan of food, I prefer junks to food. I don’t which I like best between eating corn and taking garri..

I am a perfectionist and I like getting things done immediately, once I set my mind to something or to a task, I must finish it before I start something else be it movies or work which explains why I get bored watching movie.


Contents I Create

So much passion goes into the contents i create. As you read my blog,
i hope you can see through the tip of my pen the thoughts in my head


Blog Category

Fashion is very personal to me and I would be sharing relatable, personal fashion hacks, tips and finds. I hope by seeing, reading and engaging with my fashion contents you'd see that you are not alone in the world of self- discoveries and imaginative fashion
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Blog Category

I love visiting to new places to create content, join me as I document life finds and places to create and snap mind blowing contents and videos and it's going to be pocket friendly
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real testimonials

From Actual

Emilia Clarke
You inspire me a lot when it comes to our fashion. Your canva video tutorial was very helpful compared to my former tutors
Olamide (Muteeah)
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Services I offer
to Brands

Creative writing

I love writing as much as I love talking. I write engaging contents for brands and blogs 

Lifestyle Consulting

My mission is to help you get your personal and business life right. Creativity in your personal and business brand is very important to build a successful product or service 

Fashion Tips and Hacks

I Share Fashion Tips and Hacks to help you slay effortlessly and because I Stan versatility in fashion, I share tips and hacks to help you get through your fashion style effortlessly 

Fashion Styling on a Budget

I believe that there is a fashion piece for everyone regardless of your budget. I will help you slay effortlessly with your budget. I Stan versatility in fashion and i love styling on a budget.

You don't have to break the bank to look good, like my Fashion brand says.. Spend less, dress well, slay more, look good 











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