Whew… I had great plans for the year 2023, but sadly my plans for the year failed, and neither did I achieve my set goals.

Hey, besties, the year is gradually coming to an end, wasn’t it just yesterday we were all excited about the year, full of energy, excited, happy, and writing down our plans and goals for the year? Little, did we know

I didn’t achieve the goals I set for the year, and everything I planned, oh, well, didn’t go as planned but one thing was significant this year, my growth

A year ago, this thought would have made me worried and have me questioning myself, I would have been anxious, about what to do, where do I go from here, where I went wrong, and all sort of Low self-esteem thought but I’m feeling none of this, this year, just peace

At the beginning of the year, I told God I wanted a few fancy things,  my big purchases, my business, and so much more, all this in addition to the big career plans and goals I had for the year (Let’s not even go into my career right now)

  • Wanted my Big-Girl Purchase this year, either a car or a Land or a big investment 
  • I also wanted to go on Vacation this year, but I do not even own a Passport(best in procrastination when it comes to getting a passport)

Look at yourself now, no passport, no vacation, not even a National Vacation…Lol

I failed, but at the same time I did a whole lot of things myself this year, and I was surprised, at the same time was proud of myself, like Aduni, you did that.

I stretched myself a lot this year, I learned and unlearned, met amazing people, made new friends (Female friendship exists), made mistakes, was used, and was a victim, I cried a whole lot but in the end, I am happy and content.

Where I am right now

I’m at that stage where nothing is happening. People are getting promotions, buying houses(Land I no get), making huge career moves( made career moves this year, but it’s not huge), announcing their engagement,  getting married, collaborating and working with big brands, leaving the country( can’t count how many of my friends have Japa’ed this year), while I’m in my cubicle room, drinking water, and swallowing eba 🤧🤧

On the upside, I’m cheering  them ON and patiently waiting for my time to come, of course, I have to make the move, can’t just wait and be expecting  a big break, this isn’t Nollywood, and I know it will come, if not now, it’s closer  than I think

Lessons I Learned Every Month in the Year

  • January: I started believing in myself
  •  February: I trusted People I shouldn’t have, but I didn’t know then
  • March: Learned something out of my comfort zone, and I met a few people that I wish I didn’t,  it wasn’t worth it
  • April: I focused on myself, and was big on Self-Love, I learned to put myself first before anything and anyone
  • May: I socialized a little, brought down my wall, tried patronizing people around me, and I regretted it
  • June: I started something exciting,  i was in shock, and I think I’m still in shock
  • July: I spent it with my loved ones,  and I ate a lot of food. Nothing beats being around your loved ones
  • August: I tried seeing from other people’s perspectives and tried to be the supportive and understanding person but never again, on the flip side I had fun 
  • September: My Patience was tested, and I saw the true color of some people, it annoyed me more because I rated these sets of  people more than what I saw and experienced 
  •  October: Do whatever makes you happy, and enjoy yourself at every chance and opportunity you get 
  • November: What do you have for me 
  • December: Please be soft

Beyond anything else, I feel at peace, and I’m happy. Although nothing big or exciting is happening in my life right now, it is what it is. I believe we all have seasons, and mine is coming soon. 

I am grateful to have shelter, food,(Although my account balance can’t match my cravings yet but we make do with what we have), peace, gratitude, and happiness 

Always remember to have gratitude, make memories, and make sure to enjoy wherever you are at the moment.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it, in case you missed my last blog post, catch up HERE. Watch my October Reels HERE

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Oh, Lest I forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKINYEMI BARAKAT ADUNI, may Almighty Allah grant you your heart desires, and bring you nothing but joy, peace, and happiness for the rest of your Life.



  1. You have come this far and definitely learnt alot. The rest of the year is soft 💯
    Happy Birthday Aduni, your best year yet🥂

  2. May Almighty Allah grant you all your wishes bi idhnillah….go girl and I’m coming to learn from you starting next session ❤️

  3. Whew! Must have been a handful.
    Glad you pulled through, learned your lessons and you’re making progress slowly yet steady.
    Rooting for you for the rest of the year and yes, years to come.
    Happy Birthday my favourite Blogger.😍🎉

  4. i’m super proud of you Aduni! you’ve grown and come this far and i’m so happy to celebrate this day with you. The sky is just your starting point 💫
    Happy Birthday, Girlfriend 🌹❤️ cheers!

  5. Your plans might failed but God’s plan was definitely fulfilled. So glad you have learnt more and grateful in between.
    Happy birthday Aduni

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