If someone had told me I will still run that Day, I would have given a bombastic side eye because I was so sure I was going to drag myself to wherever I was going, but Lagos Conductor said hold my beer 😩😩😩😩😩

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You people, I got to the other side of the road, waited at the bustop, entered bus and this foolish Bus conductor had the mind to run with my change(the last cash that was on me)

I boarded the normal yellow bus this time(DANFO), something that was #100, he  said #200, I said no Wahala.. I entered, gave him my last #500, Oga give me my change…

You were saying “kinikan kinikan” no change and I asked if he told me this before I entered, this man started shouting on my head and trust me to give him back to back, if you allow them in this Lagos, they walk on your head, rubbishhhh!

I heard him muttering under his breath pe “ehn mo ma so yin po last ni” (I’ll eventually join you with a fellow commuter so you’ll split the change) I just kept mute…

We got to the bus stop, he didn’t even get to the last bustop oo, asked everyone to get down and he zoomed off, ehnnnn with my last cash?

Didn’t even think twice before running after the bus and shouting at the same time (now that I think about it, it must have been a very funny scene 😂😂😂)

Thank God for those bus association people that usually collect dues from buses, they were able to stop them.

I got there and he opened his rubbish mouth to say ehn ehn, mii ooo tii fun e nii change, I didn’t say pim cos if I do, might have cursed him..

Apparently there was a man that wanted to collect #100 as well but he didn’t run after him oo, he now gave me #400 to give the man #100, and this man still collected it, I was following him up and down till he got something and I collected change… If I had another money would have left the #100 for the man but he couldn’t leave it for me, after pursuing the bus o, very wicked and stingy people are in this Lagos….Rubbish

That was how I carried my myself to my next destination with #300 left with me…urghhhh

I visited a Restaurant last Sunday, and it was really nice… Watch all the tea HERE

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